Goldilocks and Bears

gb2Don’t try to find a black cat in a dark room, when it isn’t there.
Don’t try to find any logic in my story.
It isn’t realistic – it is surrealistic. It’s a weird mixture of a fairy tale, loads of screenshots and reports on achievements.
Who’s the author? Well, the scenario is mine: I decide who to marry whom, who to complete which aspiration. But my heroes often go out of my control. And the game itself is full of surprises. So we write this story together – me, my Bears and the Sims 4.

Start reading the story here: Contents (Goldilocks and Bears)

Plumbbob Fiction


Stories I’m going to publish here have one trait in common – The Sims. Contents (Plumbbob Fiction)

About myself


Want to know more about me, my country, my interests? Welcome here! Contents (About myself)


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