Daddy Bear Dies (G&B)

Teddy is making one discovery after the other. While Freddy’s perfecting his musical skill.
Goldilocks comes across Dasha and Olivia.

Having touched their bellies, she announces that Dasha’s going to have a girl and Olivia – a boy.

Well. Let’s wait and see.
Junior’s patrolling the town.
I see this steamboat so closely for the first time. How beautiful it is!

In the park, Junior sees Sasha Ivanov. He seems to be be in a bad humour.

But Junior doesn’t have any time to chat – he has to take in charge the suspect.
A police officer should train a lot.

Look who’s here! Alexander Goth!
‘Hi Sasha! What’s up?’

‘Junior! I haven’t seen you for ages!’

‘Hi Bear!’

‘Only fancy – four ankle biters at home!’

‘I’m being Goth got at!’
The working day is over and Junior returns home.
Well, there you are. The Ripper visits the Bears. 😦

He’s taken many of the simlanders: Mortimer and Bella, Katty Cat’s grandparents Tony and Bonny, the hermit from Granite Falls… But it’s the first time, we’ve seen him “alive”.
For some reason the Death showed up in the toilet.

As if for edification of everyone who likes to block this room, making themselves comfortable with their i-phones and laptops, making no account of those who, drumming desperately on the other side of the door, is performing a ritual dance of Pee-Poo tribe “I-I-I-can’t-hold-out”.

Like the Death warns them: ‘Watch out! One day we’ll meet in this “little house” tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺte.’
Farewell Daddy Bear!

You didn’t manage to get higher than the fourth step of the career ladder. And you didn’t reach your life goal 😦
But you brought up wonderful children and grandchildren, who love you so much. So you didn’t waste your life.
Goldilocks and Junior are weeping.

Little Astra didn’t get at first what’s happening and why her grandpa is lying on the floor.

But when she realized…


Daddy Bear dies of old age πŸ˜₯
Just look at this Death! He’s flirting!

Having returned from work, Mommy learnt the sad news.
Goldilocks is playing a sad song.
Junior is painting a sad picture.
Mommy’s feeding the CowPlant. The pet should be fed, no matter how sad you are.

To be continued…

Exclusive Operation (G&B)

Goldilocks doesn’t go to work without her violin.
Her old acquaintance is waiting for her.
‘Doctor, I can’t see anything.’

‘Don’t worry, patient. You’re cutting the third eye of Shiva. We’ll perform an operation on you to amputate one extra eye.’

‘No, thanks! I’d better go home. To take medicine.’
Patient on the treadmill:
‘Someone, help me, please!’

‘Take me away from this hospital!’

Mary Goth got ill. 😦

Goldilocks examined her

and healed. πŸ™‚

Katty Cat came to hospital.

She gets cured

and her younger brothers as well. πŸ™‚

Oh! A patient’s fainted.
How can we help him?

Sure! An operation!

Goldilocks: ‘Get up, patient, and go to the operating room.’

Cassandra: ‘Holy CowPlant! No sooner have you fainted, you’ll get amputated something! Run, escape from here!’

Patient: ‘How about a gurney or a wheelchair?’
Goldilocks: ‘Come on! You’re a strong man. You don’t need any wheelchairs.’
‘Here we are. Lie down.’
Patient: ‘Doctor, are you an experienced surgeon?’

Goldilocks: ‘Don’t worry, patient. You’re not the first.’

Goldilocks: ‘Oh!’

Goldilocks: ‘That’s because you’re getting in the way!’

Patient: ‘Ok, ok, I’m silent.’

Goldilocks: ‘What is it?!’

Goldilocks: ‘Patient, you’re not choosy about food.’

Patient: ‘Err… I’ve been unclogging my bowels.’
Goldilocks: ‘Well… What does this key do? It’s sprinkling.’

Goldilocks: ‘How about this lever?’

Goldilocks: ‘So, what happens if I pull this lever?’
Goldilocks: ‘Oh!!! Why haven’t you told me anything, patient?!’

Goldilocks: ‘It’s all right. We’ll fix you with a laser. You’ll be as good as new.’

Goldilocks: ‘The end crowns the work.’

Patient: ‘Thank you, doctor!’
Goldilocks: ‘You’re welcome. Come again!’

Patient: (choking) ‘No, thanks.’ (muttering to himself): ‘Run, Forest! Run!’

At the end of this hard day, Goldilocks gets promoted to a physician.

To be continued…

Some News of the Town Life. (G&B)

Lilly is a teen now.

Goths’ children also get older.
Baby and Alexander’s children.
Mary Goth.

Gregory Goth.
Cassandra’s children.
Mary is an active girl.
Lilly’s playing chess with her cousin.
Baby’s dream comes true.

More news of the town life.
Ladies’ man and a confirmed bachelor Don Lothario was enchanted by Russian beauty Dasha Ivanova.

She’s the only one who managed to make this society lion bend his knees.

Her brother Sasha Ivanov didn’t waste time as well.

He lured his neighbour Olivia.

It took him a week to learn her name – Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

Teddy is hurrying to work.

He creates a serum and as a true scientist tests it on the other one.

At the end of the day he’s promoted.
Astra is a child now.
Party for everybody.

What a marvellous drink has Mommy made!
Freddy is flirting with Anna Fox.

While Lilly is watching the stars with Andy Cat.
Katty can’t come, so Teddy is looking for treasure.

Someone broke the dollhouse.
‘Don’t worry, Little Star. I’ll mend it.’
Teddy made his first discovery. In the toilet.
Daddy Bear’s making potions,

seeing round his “treasure room”

and reading books to Astra while Freddy is composing music.
Junior is also reading to his daughter. What about?
Cats of course!

You know, the book is called “Lord of Swings”. And who is Lord of Swings?

‘Who are you?’
‘Am I you?’
‘Are you me?’

To be continued…

Temperature of Love (G&B)

Off we go to the Bears.
Goldilocks decides to take Junior’s love temperature.


She must be very strong
Mommy Bear’s tinkering with plants in her garden.

While Goldilocks and Junior are heading somewhere.

‘Don’t worry, Honey. You’re safe with me.’
Space love.

‘We’re going to have a baby.’

‘That’s fantastic!’
Junior improved his rocket production skill and brought a “little” souvenir from space.

Goldilocks could take a day off, but someone has to help the sick people.

‘Does it hurt?’
‘Don’t worry. It’s just like a gnat’s sting’ πŸ™‚
While Goldilocks is curing patients, Mommy Bear is looking after the garden. And not in vain.
And Daddy’s got lost in Tetris and forgotten about his work. We had to leave Goldilocks for a moment to remind him.
Goldilocks is treating ill people in the town.

While she’s having a back pain herself.
She’s at home at last!
‘Are you my brother or sister?’
Teddy and Katty also love each other.

Again the weekend and again Granite Falls.

Teddy is flirting with Katty Cat.

While Lilly’s chatting with Andy – Katty’s brother.
Daddy Bear managed to find the hermit.
Daddy: ‘Aha! Here you’re hiding!’
The hermit: ‘I’m not hiding – I live in here!’
Lilly, Teddy and Freddy are looking for Daddy. The way is so long and exhausting!
Teddy: ‘Leave me here. Tell Katty how much I loved her.’
‘Wait! I can see a secret cave! Over there up the hill!’
They’ve been fishing at the hermit’s hut all night long.
At dawn, Daddy Bear joins them.
Mummy Bear gets older 😦
Daddy’s brought a CowPlant seed from Granite Falls and Mommy planted the Cow (the previous is kept in the inventory – just in case πŸ˜‰ )

Look at Lilly’s paintings. She’s talented.

Goldilocks is working again. Cassandra comes to hospital. She must need an ultrasound examination.
Goldilocks feels much worse and would leave work earlier but for one indignant patient:
‘Is anyone going to help me here?!’
‘Don’t worry. Follow me.’
Goldilocks: ‘The tests proved your pregnancy.’

Patient: ‘That’s impossible!’

Goldilocks: ‘Who’s a trained nurse here? Me or you? Make for the operating room. You need caesarean section.’
‘Well, how it works?’
‘What’s to be done?’

We don’t know what would happen to poor fellow, but the shift is over and Goldilocks is sent home, leaving the patient on the operating table.
From home Goldilocks has to return to hospital. This time she has to undergo surgery herself.

She’s lucky with the surgeon.

Even before Junior gets frightened, a lovely girl comes into the world.

The girl is named Astra in honour of her parents’ flight to the stars.
At home Daddy tried to play with his granddaughter, but scared her to death.
‘Don’t be afraid, Little Star! I love you so much!’
Meanwhile at the Goths’:
Having returned from work, Alexander discovers that he can’t get to his bed.

‘Don’t worry, Sasha. Ours are only Gregory and Mary. Dorian and Matthew are Cassandra’s sons. But all of them should be fed.’
P.S.: One riddle for you.
Guess! Who’s Junior and who’s Freddy?

To tell the truth, I don’t know that myself. Β 

To be continued…

Baby’s working day (G&B)

All day long Baby’s been looking for aliens and crystals, researching, inventing some gadgets…

She doesn’t have any time for herself.
And in the end…
‘I can. I will. I won’t spill.’

Returning from the toilet, happy (‘I managed!’) Baby met a colleague, mincing along with the same penguin walk.

Poor scientists! They don’t have any time for themselves!
At the end of the day, Baby got a task to freeze a colleague.
‘Sorry, friend. Nothing personal.’

She wanted to unfreeze him later, but the working day is over and she’s sent home.

To be continued…

Baby’s Wedding (G&B)

Alexander declares his feelings.

‘Will you marry me?’

Poor Sasha almost falls down, getting half a ton of happiness.

Suddenly, a clumsy bear turns into a fragile beauty.

The marriage is fixed.
The guests are arriving.

Freddy is playing for the newlyweds.

Mommy Bear is going to help in the kitchen.

Junior has come with his own drink.
‘Honey, why are you holding this piece of clay?’

‘It’s magic clay. In our family it descends from Bear to Bear.’
Mommy Bear is a fabulous cook.

She’s made plenty of delicious salads.

But we need a wedding cake, Mommy.
She doesn’t seem to hear. 😦
Alexander has to make a cake by himself.
Though, he’s never cooked before.

Well, what next? 😐
Mommy seems to get what we need.


Oh no!

Mommy! We need a cake! C-A-K-E!
You have to do it yourself, Sasha.

And he did it!
The guests are enjoying Freddy’s music.
And the bride keeps modelling something.
Everything is ready.

Time to begin.
The guests are happy.

But not all of them.

What’s happening to Junior? Hopefully, he isn’t turning into Lord Voldemort.
There’s little cake. There are a lot of people. There’s going to be a fight.

Fortunately, everyone gets their piece.
Oh Baby! Not again!

You see! Get rid of your magic clay and take magic medicine! Hurry up!
When the guests left…

‘We’re going to have a baby, dear!’
Sasha doesn’t look happy.

‘Honey, I’ve nearly forgotten! I’ve got to go to work! Sorry.’
Meanwhile Cassandra is flirting with some old gentleman.

To be continued…

Baby Bear and Alexander Goth (G&B)

Meanwhile Baby is having her first date.
‘Alexander, who’s this lady sitting at our table?’

‘I’ve got no idea. I can see only you, Baby.’
Disco time!
The date is excellent.
Though, Baby is dreaming of the first kiss.
But, despite all Baby’s endeavours, Alexander can’t stop dancing.

Baby has to go out and call Alexander from outside.
He didn’t want to leave the nightclub at all!

But he didn’t dare to refuse – Baby’s paw is in a way too heavy πŸ˜‰
Love is in the air.

We’ll leave our Bears for a short while as it’s time to make a move to the Goths’ mansion.
Cassandra hasn’t changed at all. And Bella is still beautiful despite grey hair.
No wonder. Bella’s working for secret service where the appearance is rather important.
Alexander wants to see his love. But his house is visited by anyone

even Don Lothario, suffering as usually.
And all Sasha’s tries to invite Baby are unsuccessful. The only answer he gets is: ‘Baby can’t come.’
Poor Alexander got sick. 😦
Then Alexander decided to build a space ship – he knows that Baby is dreaming of the space voyage. So in the evenings after work at the police office, he builds a rocket. Cassandra helps her brother.

Bella joins her children.

So, with hammers they’ve built this “flying ship”.

And here she comes!

To be continued…

Granite Falls (G&B)

The Bears spend their weekend in Granite Falls again.

Mummy Bear has found a secret cave

and a hut

where she meets a glamorous hermit.

The Bears invited their friends to Granite Falls.

How beautiful is it here!

Daddy Bear also managed to find the hidden cave.

Daddy is at the hut. But the hermit isn’t at home.
Daddy made some potions.

And then he grilled some bugs.

But the hermit didn’t appear that time.

To be continued…

Police Officer Junior Bear (G&B)

Daddy Bear and Junior are working out. Astronauts and police officers should always be in tip-top condition.
Have you ever seen a dirty panda? No? Well, have a look :p

That’s much better πŸ˜‰
Junior! You’re supposed to patrol the town! Are you working or playing Tetris?!
‘Ok, ok. I’m already working. Look! I’ve just tagged this dude.’
‘What have I done?!’
Junior is looking for frogs. But the penalized guy must be a voodoo priest, who has cursed Officer Bear. And Junior is turning into a tiger.Β 
Fortunately, Junior has always some magic medicine with him.
So, some minutes later he’s arresting the suspect.
At the police office, Junior dropped across his old acquaintance.
‘Conchita! Why have you mugged a child? Shame on you!’
‘No, I haven’t! It’s my reward!’
Questioning the suspect.
She looks so innocent at first!

The criminal’s arrested. But the crime isn’t solved yet – the accomplice is still free. And Junior arrives at the crime scene where he meets some sleeping witnesses

and some reading police officers.
Having questioned the witnesses and collected some pieces of evidence,

Junior goes to gym to be in good form.
At the end of the day he is promoted.

Daddy Bear is proud of him.
Junior is contriving something.
Daddy Bear is repairing his space ship.
And Baby Bear, who’s chosen a scientist career, is making one discovery after the other.
‘Daddy, can I ride your rocket?’

‘All right, Junior! Just be care…’

I wonder, how Goldilocks can tell her hubby and brother-in-law apart?

Senior detective’s routine.

Trying to catch the criminal.
This woman looks so suspicious!

But Junior knows better!

Having asked this nice girl some questions, he knows exactly who to arrest.

Questioning the suspect.


To be continued…

Teenager Bears (G&B)

Twins Teddy and Freddy grew up.

Teddy and Freddy now also work in the evenings.
Homework, skills development for work… Freddy is studying even in… Well. He’s studying everywhere :p

‘Come on, bro!’
‘You too.’
Baby’s watching clouds with Alexander Goth.

While Teddy’s making friends with his possible mother-in-law πŸ˜‰
Baby and Alexander are friends now.

‘Do you like red ants?’
Baby Bear is now young adult.

Daddy Bear also gets older.

Grey Bear πŸ˜₯
Baby and Alexander are having a nice time.

Taking a DNA sample. Just in case.

To be continued…