The Beginning (Goldilocks&Bears)

Once upon a time somewhere in Simland there lived three bears.
They were wandering everywhere in their bear suits, but when they took them off (rarely indeed), they looked like this:
DADDY BEARTS4 2015-01-25 13-55-28-81
MOMMY BEARTS4 2015-01-25 14-59-01-57
and JUNIOR BEARTS4 2015-01-25 20-16-15-57
They lived happily together.
But one day Goldilocks came into their house.5u85n8phz0ew

and angry.

She ate their food.

She broke their computer.

She pooed angrily in their toilet.

And went to sleep in their bed.
The bears were shocked.

“What is this girl thinking of?”
Only Mortimer Goth, who popped in to say hello,mk8s2cpv1omb
didn’t even suspect any danger.

Goldilocks: “To kill or not to kill – that is the question.”
But the bears managed to get friends with Goldilocks.

They adopted her.

And have lived happily together after that.


No, no! It’s just the beginning!

To be continued…


9 thoughts on “The Beginning (Goldilocks&Bears)

  1. Yay! You got it going. CT is a huge help. When I first started I didn’t know how to do WP. I was sooo lost but she was a huge help and the others in the lounge and playing around and trying things out was a big help too.

    Good luck and great job!

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  2. I’m glad to see you making the move to WordPress! If you get to the point where all your back issues from the forums are up and you’re going to start putting your new parts up here and want me to switch your link on the Stories and Legacies Index from the forum thread to your WordPress, just let me know over on the forums, Chealsy!

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