Beary routine (Goldilocks&Bears)




Goldilocks is so cute! While sleeping.
Swimming in a pool is so cool on a hot day.

Daddy Bear is really into the Sims 2.sjqopj925r6b
Whereas Goldilocks prefers the Sims 3 Pets.
And she’s fond of playing. On Bears’ nerves
“Stop it! Please!!!”

Goldilocks loves this steamboat.
And decides to paint it.
Goldilocks and Junior love science. But their experiments often cause disaster.
Mommy Bear lost her skin, hurrying to fight the fire.
Mommy and Daddy have got jobs. They have to take their bear suits off before going to work.

But they are rarely promoted. Their bosses obviously don’t like bears.

“Is that because I am Bear?!”

Daddy’s cooking.
“Help yourselves!”

Time to do homework.

Daddy is creating something.
No comments.

To be continued…

Your comments are very much appreciated :)

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