Baby Bear is born (G&B)

The Bears decided to go to Granite Falls.

Guess, who is Daddy Bear?
Watching the clouds.2din7qd0jjen8nb36b9lfsr5ziklcpalwx1l
“We’re going to have a baby.”


Waiting for a baby.

They had to return home earlier as Mommy Bear had to bear a child.
Goldilocks helped her by playing the violin 🙂
The girl got the name BABY BEAR.

New-born bears don’t have a fur coat.
Everyone is happy.

But Daddy is the happiest.

Goldilocks and Junior are having birthday today. Mommy made a cake.

Goldilocks is making a wish.

Blowing out the candles.
It’s a pity that her freckles disappeared.
Time for Junior to blow out the candles. 🙂

For a moment, he lost his fur coat.
Doing their homework

while parents are washing up.

Goldilocks loves her step-sister.
Time for Baby Bear to grow up.

This is what she looks like without her bear suit.
And in her fur coat she is the image of her mother.
A selfie with Dad.

To be continued…


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