Get to Work (G&B)

Time for Junior and Goldilocks to get to work.

Goldilocks’s first day at work.

Goldilocks gets promoted and now she can test the patients on the treadmill.
Junior is fighting crime.
Some happy gnome was murdered here
Questioning a witness.
“So, how did your wife die?”
On patrol. “You are tagged for assault.”
“You have the right to keep silence…”
Analysing pieces of evidence.

Junior chooses the prettiest girl for searching.
“Ha! Offensive weapon?!”
Say “Cheese”!
“Can I ask for your hand?”
This one must be a dangerous, completely ruthless criminal. Look at his smile.
Yes, he is!
“Up against the wall!”
“Where’s your hand?!”
“Ah! Here it is!”
“Well, well, well! A mind-bender?!”
“But it isn’t mine, Officer!”
Junior went to his boss.
“How about a promotion?”

“A promotion?! You’d better get to work, Junior Sergeant Bear!”
Again and again. Routine work.
“Are you going to kill Conchita Wurst?!”
“No, no! I am Conchita Wurst!”
“Let me check.”

“Oh! Really! You are free, Ms Wurst.”

“Just one photo. As a souvenir.”
More and more evidence.
Now Junior can question the suspect.
He produced conclusive evidence,
threatened life imprisonment,
scared her with abnormal behaviour.
But only after he offered her a cookie,
she gave up and confessed.

Case cleared by arrest.
And Junior is promoted detective

To be continued…


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