Lilly Bear is born (G&B)

“How are you, baby?”
Time to go to hospital.

Junior is terrified. It’s his first childbirth
Fortunately, no-one sent Goldilocks to the treadmill to check whether she had false pregnancy. She got to the surgery immediately.
Two mechanical arms were fighting between themselves, till one of them took out Goldilocks’s heart.

For a couple of seconds Goldilocks stared at her “amputated” heart, as if saying “Why?!”

And then she lapsed into a coma.
All’s well that ends well πŸ™‚

When Lilly came home, her granny, who just returned from work, ran to hug her.
Two new families came to the neighbourhood.
The Cats
The Foxes
Mommy meets Andy Cat. Who knows, maybe he’s her granddaughter’s future crush?
The Bears visited their new neighbours.

Watching the clouds (Baby Bear with Alexander Goth and Teddy Bear with Katty Cat).

To be continued…


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