Twins (G&B)

The long and the short of it was that after a while Mommy Bear had twins – two boys Teddy and Freddy.

Babies Teddy and Freddy have worn the whole family out.

The family is happy to celebrate their birthday.
Have a look at them before they put on their bear suits:

Now Goldilocks and Junior have to cope with disasters, caused by their sister and brothers.
Teddy is now Mortimer Goth’s friend.
Freddy loves doing exercises.
Time to have Daddy’s Birthday.
Soon after that he was promoted. It’s only level 4, but he’s so proud of himself.
Daddy Bear likes to shape clay.
Mommy Bear decides to clean up the house. And to weed the kitchen table
What a cutie is growing in Mommy’s garden!
The Bears have completed the collection of Easter eggs.
(their first and the only collection)
And got the Bunnies.

If you’ve broken your computer,
Clap your hands
Time for Mommy to blow out the candles.
To save time and money, the Bears decided to celebrate Baby, Goldilocks and Junior’s birthdays on the same day.
Baby as a teen.

In her bear suit.
Don’t be afraid – that’s only a kiss.

To be continued…


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