Goldilocks’s Work at Hospital (G&B)

Goldilocks at work.

Poor Don Lothario!
Katty Cat came to hospital.

Goldilocks is doing her best to cure her – maybe this girl will marry Teddy or Freddy in the future. πŸ˜‰
Katty’s brother Andy came to the hospital, too.
Oh no! An epidemic breaks out!
And Goldilocks got ill.

But of course Goldilocks got well – she’s a doctor!
And next day she comes to work with a piece of clay.

Everything seems to be nice at first.

But the patients aren’t impressed by Goldilocks’s concert.

Β However, the bosses seem to love the violin. So Goldilocks gets promoted.
Goldilocks is at work again.
Don Lothario is waiting for her. This time he must be having real troubles.

But magic clay helped Goldilocks to separate these Siamese twins. πŸ™‚

The patient is examined

and cured

‘You should be err… more careful with women, Don.’

To be continued…


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