Baby Bear and Alexander Goth (G&B)

Meanwhile Baby is having her first date.
‘Alexander, who’s this lady sitting at our table?’

‘I’ve got no idea. I can see only you, Baby.’
Disco time!
The date is excellent.
Though, Baby is dreaming of the first kiss.
But, despite all Baby’s endeavours, Alexander can’t stop dancing.

Baby has to go out and call Alexander from outside.
He didn’t want to leave the nightclub at all!

But he didn’t dare to refuse – Baby’s paw is in a way too heavy πŸ˜‰
Love is in the air.

We’ll leave our Bears for a short while as it’s time to make a move to the Goths’ mansion.
Cassandra hasn’t changed at all. And Bella is still beautiful despite grey hair.
No wonder. Bella’s working for secret service where the appearance is rather important.
Alexander wants to see his love. But his house is visited by anyone

even Don Lothario, suffering as usually.
And all Sasha’s tries to invite Baby are unsuccessful. The only answer he gets is: ‘Baby can’t come.’
Poor Alexander got sick. 😦
Then Alexander decided to build a space ship – he knows that Baby is dreaming of the space voyage. So in the evenings after work at the police office, he builds a rocket. Cassandra helps her brother.

Bella joins her children.

So, with hammers they’ve built this “flying ship”.

And here she comes!

To be continued…

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