Baby’s Wedding (G&B)

Alexander declares his feelings.

‘Will you marry me?’

Poor Sasha almost falls down, getting half a ton of happiness.

Suddenly, a clumsy bear turns into a fragile beauty.

The marriage is fixed.
The guests are arriving.

Freddy is playing for the newlyweds.

Mommy Bear is going to help in the kitchen.

Junior has come with his own drink.
‘Honey, why are you holding this piece of clay?’

‘It’s magic clay. In our family it descends from Bear to Bear.’
Mommy Bear is a fabulous cook.

She’s made plenty of delicious salads.

But we need a wedding cake, Mommy.
She doesn’t seem to hear. 😦
Alexander has to make a cake by himself.
Though, he’s never cooked before.

Well, what next? 😐
Mommy seems to get what we need.


Oh no!

Mommy! We need a cake! C-A-K-E!
You have to do it yourself, Sasha.

And he did it!
The guests are enjoying Freddy’s music.
And the bride keeps modelling something.
Everything is ready.

Time to begin.
The guests are happy.

But not all of them.

What’s happening to Junior? Hopefully, he isn’t turning into Lord Voldemort.
There’s little cake. There are a lot of people. There’s going to be a fight.

Fortunately, everyone gets their piece.
Oh Baby! Not again!

You see! Get rid of your magic clay and take magic medicine! Hurry up!
When the guests left…

‘We’re going to have a baby, dear!’
Sasha doesn’t look happy.

‘Honey, I’ve nearly forgotten! I’ve got to go to work! Sorry.’
Meanwhile Cassandra is flirting with some old gentleman.

To be continued…

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