Police Officer Junior Bear (G&B)

Daddy Bear and Junior are working out. Astronauts and police officers should always be in tip-top condition.
Have you ever seen a dirty panda? No? Well, have a look :p

That’s much better šŸ˜‰
Junior! You’re supposed to patrol the town! Are you working or playing Tetris?!
‘Ok, ok. I’m already working. Look! I’ve just tagged this dude.’
‘What have I done?!’
Junior is looking for frogs. But the penalized guy must be a voodoo priest, who has cursed Officer Bear. And Junior is turning into a tiger.Ā 
Fortunately, Junior has always some magic medicine with him.
So, some minutes later he’s arresting the suspect.
At the police office, Junior dropped across his old acquaintance.
‘Conchita! Why have you mugged a child? Shame on you!’
‘No, I haven’t! It’s my reward!’
Questioning the suspect.
She looks so innocent at first!

The criminal’s arrested. But the crime isn’t solved yet – the accomplice is still free. And Junior arrives at the crime scene where he meets some sleeping witnesses

and some reading police officers.
Having questioned the witnesses and collected some pieces of evidence,

Junior goes to gym to be in good form.
At the end of the day he is promoted.

Daddy Bear is proud of him.
Junior is contriving something.
Daddy Bear is repairing his space ship.
And Baby Bear, who’s chosen a scientist career, is making one discovery after the other.
‘Daddy, can I ride your rocket?’

‘All right, Junior! Just be care…’

I wonder, how Goldilocks can tell her hubby and brother-in-law apart?

Senior detective’s routine.

Trying to catch the criminal.
This woman looks so suspicious!

But Junior knows better!

Having asked this nice girl some questions, he knows exactly who to arrest.

Questioning the suspect.


To be continued…

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