Temperature of Love (G&B)

Off we go to the Bears.
Goldilocks decides to take Junior’s love temperature.


She must be very strong
Mommy Bear’s tinkering with plants in her garden.

While Goldilocks and Junior are heading somewhere.

‘Don’t worry, Honey. You’re safe with me.’
Space love.

‘We’re going to have a baby.’

‘That’s fantastic!’
Junior improved his rocket production skill and brought a “little” souvenir from space.

Goldilocks could take a day off, but someone has to help the sick people.

‘Does it hurt?’
‘Don’t worry. It’s just like a gnat’s sting’ šŸ™‚
While Goldilocks is curing patients, Mommy Bear is looking after the garden. And not in vain.
And Daddy’s got lost in Tetris and forgotten about his work. We had to leave Goldilocks for a moment to remind him.
Goldilocks is treating ill people in the town.

While she’s having a back pain herself.
She’s at home at last!
‘Are you my brother or sister?’
Teddy and Katty also love each other.

Again the weekend and again Granite Falls.

Teddy is flirting with Katty Cat.

While Lilly’s chatting with Andy – Katty’s brother.
Daddy Bear managed to find the hermit.
Daddy: ‘Aha! Here you’re hiding!’
The hermit: ‘I’m not hiding – I live in here!’
Lilly, Teddy and Freddy are looking for Daddy. The way is so long and exhausting!
Teddy: ‘Leave me here. Tell Katty how much I loved her.’
‘Wait! I can see a secret cave! Over there up the hill!’
They’ve been fishing at the hermit’s hut all night long.
At dawn, Daddy Bear joins them.
Mummy Bear gets older šŸ˜¦
Daddy’s brought a CowPlant seed from Granite Falls and Mommy planted the Cow (the previous is kept in the inventory – just in case šŸ˜‰ )

Look at Lilly’s paintings. She’s talented.

Goldilocks is working again. Cassandra comes to hospital. She must need an ultrasound examination.
Goldilocks feels much worse and would leave work earlier but for one indignant patient:
‘Is anyone going to help me here?!’
‘Don’t worry. Follow me.’
Goldilocks: ‘The tests proved your pregnancy.’

Patient: ‘That’s impossible!’

Goldilocks: ‘Who’s a trained nurse here? Me or you? Make for the operating room. You need caesarean section.’
‘Well, how it works?’
‘What’s to be done?’

We don’t know what would happen to poor fellow, but the shift is over and Goldilocks is sent home, leaving the patient on the operating table.
From home Goldilocks has to return to hospital. This time she has to undergo surgery herself.

She’s lucky with the surgeon.

Even before Junior gets frightened, a lovely girl comes into the world.

The girl is named Astra in honour of her parents’ flight to the stars.
At home Daddy tried to play with his granddaughter, but scared her to death.
‘Don’t be afraid, Little Star! I love you so much!’
Meanwhile at the Goths’:
Having returned from work, Alexander discovers that he can’t get to his bed.

‘Don’t worry, Sasha. Ours are only Gregory and Mary. Dorian and Matthew are Cassandra’s sons. But all of them should be fed.’
P.S.: One riddle for you.
Guess! Who’s Junior and who’s Freddy?

To tell the truth, I don’t know that myself. Ā 

To be continued…

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