Exclusive Operation (G&B)

Goldilocks doesn’t go to work without her violin.
Her old acquaintance is waiting for her.
‘Doctor, I can’t see anything.’

‘Don’t worry, patient. You’re cutting the third eye of Shiva. We’ll perform an operation on you to amputate one extra eye.’

‘No, thanks! I’d better go home. To take medicine.’
Patient on the treadmill:
‘Someone, help me, please!’

‘Take me away from this hospital!’

Mary Goth got ill. 😦

Goldilocks examined her

and healed. 🙂

Katty Cat came to hospital.

She gets cured

and her younger brothers as well. 🙂

Oh! A patient’s fainted.
How can we help him?

Sure! An operation!

Goldilocks: ‘Get up, patient, and go to the operating room.’

Cassandra: ‘Holy CowPlant! No sooner have you fainted, you’ll get amputated something! Run, escape from here!’

Patient: ‘How about a gurney or a wheelchair?’
Goldilocks: ‘Come on! You’re a strong man. You don’t need any wheelchairs.’
‘Here we are. Lie down.’
Patient: ‘Doctor, are you an experienced surgeon?’

Goldilocks: ‘Don’t worry, patient. You’re not the first.’

Goldilocks: ‘Oh!’

Goldilocks: ‘That’s because you’re getting in the way!’

Patient: ‘Ok, ok, I’m silent.’

Goldilocks: ‘What is it?!’

Goldilocks: ‘Patient, you’re not choosy about food.’

Patient: ‘Err… I’ve been unclogging my bowels.’
Goldilocks: ‘Well… What does this key do? It’s sprinkling.’

Goldilocks: ‘How about this lever?’

Goldilocks: ‘So, what happens if I pull this lever?’
Goldilocks: ‘Oh!!! Why haven’t you told me anything, patient?!’

Goldilocks: ‘It’s all right. We’ll fix you with a laser. You’ll be as good as new.’

Goldilocks: ‘The end crowns the work.’

Patient: ‘Thank you, doctor!’
Goldilocks: ‘You’re welcome. Come again!’

Patient: (choking) ‘No, thanks.’ (muttering to himself): ‘Run, Forest! Run!’

At the end of this hard day, Goldilocks gets promoted to a physician.

To be continued…

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