Some News of the Town Life. (G&B)

Lilly is a teen now.

Goths’ children also get older.
Baby and Alexander’s children.
Mary Goth.

Gregory Goth.
Cassandra’s children.
Mary is an active girl.
Lilly’s playing chess with her cousin.
Baby’s dream comes true.

More news of the town life.
Ladies’ man and a confirmed bachelor Don Lothario was enchanted by Russian beauty Dasha Ivanova.

She’s the only one who managed to make this society lion bend his knees.

Her brother Sasha Ivanov didn’t waste time as well.

He lured his neighbour Olivia.

It took him a week to learn her name – Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

Teddy is hurrying to work.

He creates a serum and as a true scientist tests it on the other one.

At the end of the day he’s promoted.
Astra is a child now.
Party for everybody.

What a marvellous drink has Mommy made!
Freddy is flirting with Anna Fox.

While Lilly is watching the stars with Andy Cat.
Katty can’t come, so Teddy is looking for treasure.

Someone broke the dollhouse.
‘Don’t worry, Little Star. I’ll mend it.’
Teddy made his first discovery. In the toilet.
Daddy Bear’s making potions,

seeing round his “treasure room”

and reading books to Astra while Freddy is composing music.
Junior is also reading to his daughter. What about?
Cats of course!

You know, the book is called “Lord of Swings”. And who is Lord of Swings?

‘Who are you?’
‘Am I you?’
‘Are you me?’

To be continued…

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