I Want to Grow Up.

I can’t see anything. It’s so dark in here!
Dark. But warm. And comfortable.
Just itchy. So itchy!
“Oh, look! Tiny horns!”

Yes! Horns! These horns are so itchy! Unbearable!
Grrr! I wish I had hands to scratch these horns!
* * * * * * *
“Wow! A little diddy baby cow! What a cutie!”

Yes. I’m a cow! But where are my parents and my siblings? I have to find them. They must be somewhere in green meadows where tasty juicy grass grows.
Oh, I want to chew this grass so much! Yummy, delicious, lovely grass!
But they keep feeding me with some packets.
“Eat, Cow! Eat! It smells so appetizing!”
It isn’t appetizing at all. But what can I do? I have to eat something. I don’t want to die of hunger.
Well, I have grown horns and a head. Now I have to grow legs. To walk far away from here. To the emerald meadows where other cows are grazing.
Maybe, when I grow up, I will grow legs as well.
But all I have as yet grown is some cake on the tip of my tongue.
Then this nasty Skin and Bones came. And pulled the cake.
Ouch! It hurts!
I can’t help swallowing her.
How. Disgusting. She. Tastes.
Y-y-yuck! Horrible!
I’ve choked with the bones
and spat her cadaverous body up. (Err… I’d say I’ve spat her down.)
So now this gaunt frame is sitting down there, staring at me at a loss.

Why are you gawking at me? What if I pulled your tongue? Would you be pleased?
And now I’m being scolded. Great! As if it was my fault!

You should have made some cakes for this emaciated creature. So that she wouldn’t have attacked poor cow.
I’d hate to be eaten up alive! And don’t forget – it is against the law!
* * * * * * *
Pain. It starts as soon as I wake up in the morning. Actually, it doesn’t stop at night. That’s why I hardly sleep nowadays.
“Oh my poor Old Cow! I wish I could help you. You’re suffering so much!”
“I’ve got some dainties for you. Help yourself!”
OK, thank you. It’s very kind of you.
Though I’m fed up with these “dainties”.
I wish they gave me some grass instead. But they don’t seem to understand my mooing.
Grass. How do I know about it? I’ve never been anywhere. But I’ve seen it in my dreams. Many times.
Every night I’ve been wandering through emerald meadows. With my mum. And my dad. With my brothers and sisters. Eating grass. Fresh and palatable grass. What can compare with delicious green grass?
But now I rarely can escape to my dreams. Because of awful pain.
Old age is a painful age. I’ve got a toothache. I’ve got a headache. I’ve got a backache…
Can I have a backache? Do I have a back? Of course I do! Even if you don’t have legs, you definitely have a back! And if you’re old, you do have a backache.
Wait! What if this pain is not because of old age? What if it is because of my legs growing?
Growing is usually painful.
But when I get my legs, I’ll be able to run away to the land of my dreams. Where my mum and my dad, my brothers and sisters are browsing. In green meadows where tasty juicy grass grows.
Far, far away…
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Daniel Bear Born (G&B)

The Bears are having a Weenie Roast in the park “Blue Wave”.

Cathy Tea. Whereever I meet her, she is playing chess.
Baby is with her magic clay, as usually.
Junior is telling a story about pirate’s parrot.
Freddy is playing the guitar while the others are roasting sausages.
Some homeless Sixamian comes by. The Bears aren’t mean – they treat the ET to hot dogs.
But the alien is too hungry. So he’s filching Teddy’s hot dogs.
How nice that there is a shower in the park where the homeless can wash themselves!
We got silver for the party – no one could play the violin by the fire. As they didn’t have a violin in their pockets.
At the end of the party Anna’s gone into labor.

Baby: “Anna, you look like you’ve been rummaging through garbage cans.”
Anna: “Yes, I need a shower.”
Straight from the party Anna and Freddy go to hospital, where nurse Astra and surgeon Andy Cat are waiting for them.

Anna makes her way to operating room.
Freddy rushes headlong after her.

It can’t do without heart amputation this time.
Freddy: “I’d better watch “The Walking Dead”. To calm down.”
All’s well that ends well.

Meet Daniel Bear.
Anna: “Where’s my son?!”
Don’t worry, Anna. Daniel’s at home.

Another Weenie Roast in Willow Creek. And again – silver.
Lin Goth is playing pirates in the park.
Junior is telling a fairy tale: “Once upon a time Knight of the Red Feather…”

“…met a frog in a crown.”

“He waved his magic wand…”

“…and took away her crown.”

“And don’t dare to say that you don’t like my story.”
The party is going on.
Daddy Bear calls to congratulate on making a new friend.
Then Bernard congratulates Freddy on the new addition to the family.
And here it is! Gold medal!

Baby: “That’s because of magic clay!”
Another party at the Bears’.

Katty is back from work. Diamond Agent (Level 10).
While everyone is having fun, Katty is watering the plants in the garden. And another aspiration is achieved.
The house party gets silver. That suits us at this stage.
One more party at Ophelia Villa.

The Goths’ seem to regret not living in a stronghold.
Grace gets a job. As a musician of course. Yuri Ivanov congratulates her urgently.
Daddy Bear looks angry these days.
Maybe it’s because Teddy manages to be the first to feed little Daniel?

To be continued…

Who’s The Host? (G&B)

The Incognito Costume Party is held on the Bluffs. It’s so beautiful there!
Oh Baby, honey – you’re with your magic clay again.
The Goths are dressed Gothic.

Freddy! When have you taken the guitar from kids room?
Freddy: “There aren’t any kids now.”
There will be!
Freddy: “When there’ll be kids I’ll put the guitar up in the kids room.”
Mila Munch was invited as a caterer. She’s lovely. She’s chatting with the guests dangling her legs over the side of the swimming pool. But she isn’t going to cook anything.

Sure Anna could turn her into a toad for such bungle.

But she doesn’t. Instead, wearing a hotdog costume, she makes the cake herself.

But Eva Capricciosa – that’s a different matter. She’s a wonderful mixologist!
The guests are pleased with the party.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Next is Dinner Party. To have it, the Bears go to the Goths.
To be more exact, the Goths go to the Bears. To the Dinner Party that is held by the Bears… at the Goths’.
– I can’t make head or tail of that. So, who are the hosts? The Goths?
– Nope. The Bears.
– How is it possible? The house belongs to the Goths!
– But the Bears host the party! So, the Bears are the hosts and the Goths are the guests.

I love this game!
Yes, I do. I adore this Lewis Carroll’s surrealism! A Mad Tea Party.
Goldilocks: “Let’s drink to zebras!”
The Bears pick their way towards the bathroom at once. To thank the Goths for coming to the party.
Michael Goth: “Could you all go out? I’d like to have a bath.”
Katty: “Thank you, Michael, for coming to our party!”
Junior: “Thank you, Christie, for coming to our dinner party!”
Christie (executing a pee-pee dance): “Not at all.”
Junior: “But how comes it “not at all”? You could have ignored our invitation, after all!”
Actually, the Bears have their reason to come to the Goths.
The thing is that Grace has to repair or upgrade something for her aspiration. But by mischance, nothing breaks at the Bears and everything has already been upgraded. And the Goths had a lot of broken equipment after Anthony’s wedding.
Bad luck – when the Bears come, everything has been repaired.
Fortunately, Grace manages to upgrade something.
Meanwhile in an other bathroom, Teddy and Gregory are sharing ideas with each other. Sure! Bathroom is the best place for sharing ideas.

Not knowing anything about bathroom summit conference, Michael is hurrying there, dreaming of the bath. Poor Michael!

Mila Munch is also invited. Not as a caterer but as a guest – she plays this role better. And the Bears have Friend of The World before them. 😉
Snugging as a bug in a rug, Junior is telling Christie about wellness.
Staring straight before herself and trying not to breathe, Christie wishes Junior to take her for statue and leave.
Hugo Villareal was invited as a caterer. Not only is he a great cook, but also a nice guy.

Al Goodwell manages the bar perfectly. Behind his back Teddy is arranging with Katty about something.


The dinner party is up to the mark.
Astra: “Bye Statue! Thanks for coming!”
* * * * * * * * * * *
Next party is at Von Haunt Estate, where the Bears meet Mimsy and Bernard.

The guests want to eat, but neither Hugo nor Anna can get to the stove. As only ghosts may pass through the barrier.

Luckily, high yoga level lets Goldilocks to teleport to fridge and make delicious shrimp cocktail for everyone.

* * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * *
Grace grows up.

To be continued…

Jokes About Penguins (G&B)

Our Bears are having parties. Yes, yes -again!

Freddy: “What’s up?.. What are they all doin now?”
Teddy: “Take heart, bro. We’re going to joke about penguins again.
“Why so many parties?
Well, to complete Party Animal aspiration for one sim, you need (at the very minimum!) twenty three parties.

It’s only on condition that everything goes perfect. But it’s not always perfect.
By the way, black and white rooms are great for black and white parties. 😉
* * * * * * * * * * *
Spooky party.
Hey, guys! “Spooky” doesnt mean “ugly”!
Anna! Are you going to dig the garden?! Off to CAS!
That’s much better. 🙂

Anna: “Meh, I’d better weed the plants.”
Brother Foxes are going by the café.
Alan – the leader of Mafia. (His father Bazil is already dead.)
Ginger Fox. Look at him! The well must have helped him with the promotion! Ah those Foxes! In a word, – mafia!
Alan: “Well, bro, have you found who froze Roger Rabbit?”
Ginger: “We’re searching.”
And this is Mr Cvetkov. (The name’s given by the game.)
He’s extremely serious. He even puts on a hat when going to swim.

Mr Cvetkov inspects café “Sweet Doves”.
“Don’t worry, Mr Cvetkov! We don’t have any problems with electricity.”
Speed pumpkin carving.

I like ninja Junior so much! 😀 I would make him my avatar, but my cat Chelsea won’t approve I’m afraid.
The party is going fine.
Though it can’t go without some Star Wars.
Kitty, make a wish! You’re sitting between two astronauts. 😉
The costume of a pirate suits Ginger Fox well.
Baby gets old. 😦 I know that sounds silly – she’s just some pixels on the screen. But when I see her thin body , I get a lump in my throat. 😥
Jolly Roger and his witch.
And a parrot on the shoulder for greater show.
The party was drawing to a close, when Goldilocks got a message from her daughter Lilly, who was standing side by side. Lilly invited her mother to Goldilocks’s own house.
Goldilocks: “Well, you are a one, Lilly!”
No sooner has Ann come home, than she goes to troll teh forums. What can I do? She’s a witch!

And filibuster Fred is searching Treasure Island.
I lost sight of Anna and didn’t see the moment she achieved her aspiration. I failed to take a photo.
But then Freddy and Junior supplied me with colourful pictures.

To be continued…

Simmer’s Anthem

I wrote this tiny poem long ago on the Sims 3 site. It’s nothing but a joke. 😉

The kitties are hungry.
The diapers are wet.
But Mommy’s still
Surfing the Internet.
And Daddy is cursing
The game and the site.
His wife is a fairy
Somewhere in Moonlight.
May be Apocalypse
We all don’t care.
Till Simming we are,
Nothing can make us scared!

Astra’s Wish (G&B)

It’s Astra’s birthday today. And the Bears gather at “Sweet Doves”.

A lot of guests come to the party.

Antony and Aellitta.
Husband and wife are joined in a single unit.
Goldilocks is playing the violin.

“The Bear went over the mountain
The Bear went over the mountain
The Bear went over the mountain
To see what he could see…”
Freddy discovered another “elaborately disguised” alien. And got angry.
Time to make a wish.

What is your wish, Astra?
Astra: “I won’t tell you. Or it won’t come true.”

Having returned from the party, Aellitta Zed realized that she forgot to congratulate the birthday girl. So she texted Astra:
* * * * * * * * * * *
Dorian asked Astra out on a date. Like any girl, Astra is late.
Dorian (dreaming of his first WooHoo): “Now we are adults and can marry.”
Astra: “Yes. And we’ll have a lot of children.”

Astra: “Then our children marry. And we’ll have a lot of grandchildren.”

Astra: “And when our grandchildren marry we’ll have a lot of great-grandchildren.”

Dorian, what are you looking for?

Dorian: “I’ve lost my temper.”
Another medal.
* * * * * * * * * * *
The wedding is in the same café.

Baby got a day off to go to the wedding.
Thank goodness! The bride’s NOT in black.
Freddy, invited as a pianist, is playing the guitar instead. (I should have checked his pockets!)
In the end, we persuaded him to play the piano.
Matthew, what have you lost?
Matthew: “Nespresso. What else?”

Here’s your Nespresso – next to Gregory’s chair.
 * * * * * * * * * * *
Astra moved to the Landgraabs.
Freddy and Anna take the opportunity.

You can watch my sims having fun in the café in this video.
To be continued…

Be Patient! (G&B)

Now let’s go to the Landgraabs.
Cassandra is no more. And no one can tell where her grave is.
Now her children can only recollect the happy time when their mother would read them stories and their father would come to play chess with them.

Dorian and Matthew are young adults now. They have to take care of their stepbrother and sister (Malcolm’s children), who are teenagers.
Brothers work at hospital.
Dorian’s first working day.
Two Cats – Andy and Tim – work at the same hospital.

Patients are waiting to be cured.

But our main task is socializing with colleagues.
And Dorian is busy with that.
Dorian: “Sorry, Elder, but I can’t help you now. Would you like me to socialize with you?”
Only at the end of the day Dorian was charged with giving food to a patient.

Dorian: “Enjoy your meal, Lucas. You’re lucky.”
Dorian comes home late. Everyone is sleeping.

His younger brother Casper is sleeping as well. Actually, he’s got keen eyesight. But at night, he always wears glasses.
To have a good look at his dream.
Only Malcolm can’t sleep. He’s in a foul mood.

A ghost needs so little to get happy! The trash can is overthrown and Malcolm is on top of the world.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Elder escaped from the hospital.
He couldn’t stay there any more.

Free and Emily are teens now.
Free-Jon: “Let’s go to the new café, Emily.”
Emily: “But I don’t have anything to wear.”
Free-Jon: “Don’t worry! I’m working after school now. So we have money for the café and new clothes.”
And they went to the café.
Elder followed them without even having changed his clothes. How could he neglect the kids?

(I haven’t called him! It was his own idea. I swear it!)
Junior is drinking coffee and getting a brief respite from numerous parties.

Elder is pretending to be having a chat. But in fact he’s watching the amorous twosome.
Free-Jon (pretending to be taking a selfie): “Is Dad still here?”
Elder (pretending to be dancing): “Nope. I’ve gone.”

To be continued…

Gothic News (G&B)

Meanwhile, Junior maximized another skill.

* * * * * * * * * * *
And we’re going to work with Teddy.
This is Dr. X Ray, who helped Kit.
Thanks to his scientific research a lot of Sixamians could get luxuriant hair.
Alexander and Baby’s children decided to give their lives to science.

Antony Goth is going home.

Where a little bundle of joy is waiting for him.
Unearthly wonder.
They grow up so fast, don’t they?
Meet Lin Goth.

She’s got blue eyes like her grandmother and great-grandmother.
Antony and Aellitta visited the Goths’ house.

And had fun there. 😉
* * * * * * * * * * *
Gregory Goth met Candy Behr. She’s a real candy!
And Gregory asked her out on a date.
At this time the Bears are having spring cleaning. It’s a great idea to wash your body and your clothes at the same time!

We won’t bore you by describing the date. Let’s go to the wedding instead.

Three Goths:
from left to right – Gregory, Matthew and Dorian.
Baby’s happy.
Junior made a cake.
(At this wedding, I – for the first time! – saw how the newlyweds fed each other with pieces of cake. Not with empty forks but with the cake! I was so shocked that made neither video nor photo.)

Another Gothic Bear is going to come to the world.

To be continued…

Parties (G&B)

The Bears are having a Dinner Party. The new house is perfect for parties.
And at the same time we want to complete Party Animal aspiration. 😉
Elder is cooking something delicious.
Cassandra is entertaining the guests.
Junior: “What? Aren’t you retired yet, Cassandra?”
Cassandra: “Haven’t you heard? All the Simlish ghosts have to work now.”
Junior: “Holy CowPlant! The things that can happen!”
The guests are coming. Here’s Baby with her magic clay.
Antony is in the “magic cage”.

Grace: “Tony! You’re going to be Dad yourself but still haven’t stop playing with bricks!”
When there are more than four bears in the house, it’s time for the club gathering.
My opinion on that doesn’t interest the Bears.

All the Bears are in the gym. Bears love sport.

Even Daddy Bear joined.
Cassandra is talking about hard life of ghosts. Baby is sympathizing with her.

Baby: “Would you like me to grant my magic clay to you?”
Cassandra: “Magic clay is helpless in this case I’m afraid.”
In the blue living room blue Cassandra is jesting sadly. Grace is playing the blues. And the guests are listening and eating blue cake.

The party is a success.
Another party.

Now the Bears are having a Black and White Bash.
Don’t think that the Bears are doing nothing but throwing parties. They sleep, go to work and even get promoted.

But we are not going to follow every their step, are we?
Aellitta is expecting.

Goldilocks: “What color are you, baby?”
Look at Kit Cat.

What’s happened to you, boy? You’re only a teen. And – a bald spot!
The guests are eating black and white cookies.

Kit’s made some multicolored cereal.
Antony: “Nope. Cereal won’t help.”
Baby: “Poor boy!”
Mary: “How about using mum’s magic clay?”

Antony: “What has this to do with clay? Don’t talk rot, sis!”
Aellitta: “My friend on Sixam – Dr. X Ray – is a nanotechnologist, who works on hair extension. I’m sure he’ll help”.
Meanwhile Cassandra has organized a protest rally.

Freddy: “Free spirits!”
Another medal.
By the way: the doctor indeed helped with the hair.
Black and white parties again.

Kit: “I’m fed up with your parties!”
Mary: “I got striped myself because of your zebra discussions!”
Lilly: “They invite me to parties and I have to throw out their trash!”

C’mon Lilly! Just look how this black bag is matching your black and white dress!
Aellitta: “I’m going to deliver…”
The house is full of black and white cakes. Yet, the award is here.
Teddy and Katty escaped to space and got another achievement.
Goldilocks made friends with Daddy and became Friend of the World.
Overuse of sweet led to some ladies’ getting another pair of arms.

To be continued…

Fox Brothers And Sisters (G&B)

Let’s visit another family.
The Foxes. They met us with fireworks.

Don Basilio: “Congratulations, son! You realized my dream.”
To celebrate Alan’s promotion, “Mafia” had a party.

Maggie Fox is a colonel.

Look at these Foxes! Poor Alexander Goth has never been promoted!
Police has changed a lot since Junior’s retirement. Some Santa Clauses work there now.
Colonel Fox is going to investigate the crime scene. Some important witnesses are waiting here.
Santa is playing a bad cop.
Daddy Bear: “Thou shalt not kill!”
After that, good cop Maggie gets reports from witnesses.
Having returned to the office, Maggie analized the clues. She had to check the database but some detective didn’t want to let her use her computer. Maggie waited for some time and then…

sat into him.
(I was shocked.)
Only after that, the colleague rose from the table. Having a grudge, he was standing in the corner for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile Maggie, together with her sister Jane and Alexander Goth managed to solve the crime.
And she was promoted.
When Maggie came home, she seemed to walk on air.

And bumped into Paolo Rocca.

All is happening in leaps and bounds.

At this time Mafia is hanging out at the Foxes’. And Alla Fox manages to steal a whole lot of money!
Don Basilio: “Girls! Let’s dance!”
Maggie loves her family very much. But she can’t stay with them under the same roof. How can the Police Chief live together with the leader of Mafia?
And Maggie falls on her knees begging Paolo: “Take me from here!”

They move to a little house where Paolo lives with his friends.
Oops! They should have locked the door.

Some time later, Alla Fox meets her sister returning from work and realizes that she’s going to become an aunt.
Sindy Cat is making a wish: “I want a husband. Rich and famous.”

And she gets him!

The wedding was fantastic.

Sindy got a message from her sister:
* * * * * * * * * * *
Now off to Ginger Fox and Kitty Cat.
Alan Fox gave some money to his younger brother. Ginger and Kitty visited a stylist.

Then Ginger invited his wife to a new café in Newcrest.

They whisper about something in an arbour,
drink some coffee with Junior,
and promise to love each other for ever under the wedding arch.

They go to the Wishing Well.
Ginger Fox gives the Well a generous donation and asks for promotion (he’s just begun his career as an astronaut).
The well is delighted.

But Ginger isn’t happy with the result.
Now Kitty approaches the well. She asks for improving her skills.

But the well is not in the best of tempers today. Not only doesn’t it grant her wish, but also takes away all the skills she has.
Despite everything, the date is brilliant.

To be continued…