Ankle Biters (G&B)

Having had some fun in bed with her hubby, Baby comes to please Alexander.

Sasha! You still don’t know that you can get a baby after WooHoo?!
The Ivanoffs – Sasha and Olivia – have a wonderful son called Yuri.

And one morning Olivia hurries to Sasha with some happy news.

Well, at least, happy for her.

Baby (modelling the magic clay): ‘Come on. Everything will be all right. Mine was also shocked at first.’

And she’s right. πŸ™‚
‘And then Prince kissed the Sleeping Beauty…’

Btw, I’ve searched for this magic tree all over Simland. But I found it by chance only visiting the Ivanoffs. πŸ˜‰
And here’s a magic train. To Hogwarts?
Runaway Bride Julie Goodwell must not like that I robbed her the wedding and she decides to have the ceremony without me.
And this is Jane Fox. Not too bad. Despite absence of make-up and CC. Shall I find her a pair?
Malcolm Landgraab is eager to become the world’s enemy.

And in the evenings, he’s watching the stars with Cassandra Goth.
He’s really head over heels in love.
‘He’s rather old and moody,’ Cassandra thinks. ‘But I’m not a young girl myself. And who will marry me with two children?’
They married without any wedding ceremony and Cassandra with her sons moved to Landgraab’s mansion.
One day…

‘Honey, you’re going to get a daddy.’
‘Get a daddy?’
And how’s Junior? One day, patrooling Oasis Springs, Junior ran into Don Lothario and stopped to chat.
Don: ‘Police officers are said to accept bribes.’
Junior: ‘How could that occur to you?!’
‘Does he think I’m some garbage?!’ our honest police officer thinks indignantly.
Don is light hearted: he’s said and forgotten. And goes to his charming wife.
But bears’ memory is like elephants’. And a furious beast is entering Lotharios’ house.
Junior: ‘Does your husband think that he can be an offense to a police officer’s dignity?! He’ll regret that!’
Having said that, the insulted bear puts on his fur coat and leaves.
Dasha isn’t afraid. She knows that Junior is quick-tempered but kind. So, Dasha and Don go to the bedroom.
Dasha: ‘You’re going to cook someΒ different food soon.’ πŸ˜‰

Don: ‘Really?!’
Police officers are warning children.
Junior: ‘Never talk to strangers. Even if they are sitting in beautiful cars.’
Katty Cat is also talking to children. Is she going to be a teacher?
Katerina Lothario: ‘Why is your father so sad?’
Yuri: ‘Some monsters are torturing him. He moans all day long: ‘Those ankle biters will kill me!’ and cries.’
Katerina: ‘Aw. They must be creepy monsters.’

To be continued…


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