Life Goes On (G&B)

Life at the Bears’ does go on.
Freddy’s teaching Lilly to play the piano:

And Teddy’s flying to space. Like Daddy.

Junior’s getting one achievement after the other.

Freddy keeps up with him.

Goldilocks is curing little Cats

and Foxes.

Teddy’s chatting with the robot,

creating new gadgets

and testing them on his colleagues.
‘You look so boring in your uniform, friend.’

‘That’s much better. You rock!’
He was told to freeze a colleague.

Teddy unfroze her, though he didn’t have to.

Poor girl! She’s always getting it hot from the Bears – now she’s arrested , now tested on the treadmill, now frozen.
Mommy Bear’s promoted.

But she’s still missing her hubby.
Some friends are visiting the Bears.
Freddy’s flirting with Anna Fox.

Teddy and Katty are also watching stars.

Katty: ‘I can see the Great Bear.’
Teddy: ‘My Daddy’s there.’
Katty: ‘And my grandparents.’
Mommy Bear is spending all her free time at Daddy’s grave.

To be continued…


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