Meeting Elder Wolff (G&B)

Lilly examines the magic tree, waters it and finds the mysterious entrance.

That is how Lilly found Sylvan Glade.
And invited all the Bears there.
Now Bears often go fishing in Sylvan Glade.

Freddy loves playing the guitar there.
Bears also often go to a park in Newcrest.

One day, when Astra, having played with her dad and uncle, is going to swim…

a stranger approaches her.

‘Sul-sul,’ he says.
‘But I’m not allowed to talk with strangers,’ the clever girl replies.

‘I’m Elder Wollf. I need help. I’m looking for my son, niece and their friend. They all disappeared some time ago. Have you seen them?’

And Elder shows Astra a newspaper with the photos.
Unfortunately, Astra hasn’t seen these children. And she decided to ask the adults for the advice. That is how Elder got to hospitable Bears’ house.
He told everyone his story:
‘My son Freezer Bunny Wolff Tea (we usually call him Free-Jon, or just Free) was spending his holidays at Animal Hat Summer Camp. He, my niece Amina Wolff and their friend Emelia Johnson have gone missing. Since then I’ve been roaming all over Simland trying to find them.’
Elder: ‘Free and Emelia have been seen wandering disguised as little brown bears.’

And Elder showed Goldilocks the photo.

*Screenshot by Jordan*
Goldilocks: ‘No, they’ve never come to our hospital. I’d have remembered them. Ask my husband. He’s a police officer.’
Junior: ‘Of course I’ll help. It’s the most terrible thing when children disappear. I’ll start tomorrow.’

* Elder Wolff was made by CathyTea *

To be continued…


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