New Neighbours (G&B)

Some new families moved to the town.
Meet the new owner of the biggest shop in Magnolia Promenade – Sindy Glam – a glamorous beauty, a society lioness, a rich widow, who’s just buried her third husband and is hunting another one. 😉
And this pretty girl came to my game herself. She said: ‘Sul-sul’ when I opened Create-a-Family. And I couldn’t resist.
So, Amber Stein by SimGuruZephyr comes to our town.
Such a cutie should have a pair. And Chuck Cenzo also by SimGuruZephyr joins Amber.
Then love,

‘Here comes the bride’


two lovely children (and there’s going to be more). 😉
Amber is a foodie (of course!) No sooner has she entered Bears’ house, we can see her in the kitchen. 😉

And this is the doctor who delivered Goldilock’s baby. (And another one from the Bears family – but you’ll learn about that later.)
Such a good doctor can’t be homeless. So doctor Goodwell (I made up her name) got her own house.
I found a husband for her among NPCs.
One call to my friends – Magister Testingcheats and Wizard Fulleditmode – and here’s a new family Goodwell: mother, father, son and daughter. 😉

To be continued…

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