Are They at Granite Falls? (G&B)

Questioning the witnesses.
Look who’s here! Bella Goth and the hermit!

Well, ghosts also have the right to be questioned. 😉
Bella: ‘Wait, I’ll call my hubby.’
‘Listen, Mort, some children have gone missing. Haven’t you seen them anywhere? I’ll explain it all in detail…’

Bella: ‘Mortimer says he’s seen some boy looking like Free by the river, at the end of this street.’
Elder: ‘Where?.. Thanks, Junior, I’m running.’

By the river, Elder sees Teddy Bear fishing.

Teddy tries to help.

But again no traces whatever. 😦
Meanwhile the hermit asks Junior:
‘You say, the children were disguised as little brown bears. Haven’t you looked for them at Granite Falls? I haven’t been there for ages but when I lived there as a hermit, there were plenty of bears. Some other hermit is rumored to live there now. You should find and ask him.’
Being told about the hermit’s words, Elder makes up his mind to start his journey to Granite Falls immediately.

Junior: ‘Good luck!’
And now Elder is at Granite Falls, where mosquitos are as big as helicopters.

He was wandering through the woods all week, stopping sometimes to have a snack.

At last he found the cave the Bears told him about.
Having forced his way through thorny branches and stinging nettle, Elder is in the secret wood.

He finds a little hut.

There isn’t anyone at home. Elder is cooking dinner.

Whereas somebody is coming to the hut.

‘What are you doing here, Stranger?’
‘Are you the hermit?’
‘Yes, I am. My name’s Olga.’
Elder told Olga his story.
‘Your son got lost? It’s simply horrible! It’s so painful when you lose your dearest. I myself became a hermit as my beloved hubby died.’
‘But I’m afraid I can’t help you. Neither Free, nor the girls are at Granite Falls. I’m perfectly sure. I know every bush, every rock here. But I hear nothing of the children.’

To be continued…


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