Searching for Children (G&B)

The crime is aging rapidly in the town.

Junior remembers how he, being a young sergeant, was searching these recidivists.

Indeed. If that goes on, in no time there’ll be only ghosts spending time in prison.

‘Let me free!’
Searching the old offender, Junior discovered a children’s toy.
Junior: ‘But it’s Free’s favourite llamacorn! Elder’s told me about this toy. Where did you get it?’

‘It’s not my fault, sir. John Doe gave it to me.’
Having got a detailed description of the criminal, Junior sets out in search of John Doe.
‘Oh yes, I’ve seen this man! He’s in the new park right now.’
Here he is! Pretending to be a butterfly.
‘You’re under arrest! Don’t play at being a bunny!’

‘So, Dear John, where are the children?’

‘What? Children?’

‘My wife Jane and me don’t have any children.’

‘Don’t wind me up!’

‘Look at the testimony of witnesses. And here’s expertise. Fingerprints on the toy are yours!’
‘Do you know how jerks like you are treated in jail?’

‘Well. I did steal the toy when the little bears were playing in the old park. But I haven’t touched the children! I swear it!’
‘So, the old park… I should tell Elder.’
Just after Junior’s call, Elder hurries to the old park.

But none of the children knows anything about Free, Emelia or Amina.
Elder goes to the Bears again.
Astra called her friends and they debated what to do.
Suddenly Little Star yells:
‘I know where they can be! Sylvan Glade!’
So Astra led Elder to the magic tree.
She told him to water the tree.

And the magic door opened.
Elder and Astra searched all around.

Simply everything is there in Sylvan Glade: incredible plants and butterflies, weird and wonderful fish and frogs! Even tiny fairies flying from one flower to another!

But there aren’t Free or the girls. No traces whatever.
Only someone’s glowing red eyes are watching Elder and Astra from the bushes.
Misfortune again. 😦
Junior helped Elder to get a job on the police force.
Btw, Elder Wolff and Alexander Goth turned out to be good friends. Alexander told Junior that they used to be roommates some time ago.
Elder: ‘Is there any news?’
Junior: ‘Not yet. But I’ve got an idea. I’m checking it.’
Junior: ‘So, where’s Free?’

To be continued…


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