Bears at Work (G&B)

While Elder, extremely upset, is returning from Granite Falls,

let’s see what our Bears are doing.
Teddy is creating serums and testing them on the colleagues.

Sometimes, he has to test them on himself.

Sometimes, that has a sad ending.
Fortunately, there is a doctor in the family.
And some minutes later, Teddy’s playing chess with Katty.
At this time, his expectant mother-in-law is luxuriating in the hot bath.

Because you know, the Cats don’t have such bathrooms.
Goldilocks goes on curing townies.

This woman got her hair grey after the operation. Well I never!
Despite that, Goldilocks gets promotion.

Junior: ‘Congratulations!’
In the evenings, Daddy Bear often pops in to chat.

To get next promotion, Goldilocks should deliver a child. But only men and children come to hospital.
On top of that, the equipment breaks. Fortunately, Goldilocks is handy and repairs it in no time.
Oh, look! Olivia Ivanova!

She’s our hope for promotion.
But instead of a child we deliver… a fish!
Then Dasha Lothario comes.
Oh no! A fish again! Bad luck. 😦
What in the world is this!
When we are in despair, a townie comes to hospital.


Now Goldilocks is a surgeon.
Like her mother and father Lilly can fix everything, too.
She also goes to space.

And here’s the result of Bears’ flights:

The full collection. 😉
How clever is Lilly!
Astra is clever, too.

Junior also loves painting.
Goldilocks: ‘Is it me?’

Junior: ‘It’s us.’


Mommy Bear is great at making drinks.
Every evening she goes to Daddy’s grave.
And he comes to them.

Even death can’t part them.

To be continued…


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