Three Weddings and … Funerals (part 1) (G&B)

Anna Fox and Katty Cat have grown up, too.

Anna Fox.
Katty Cat.
On the very first date Teddy made a proposal to his love. ❤
The next part of the story should be called ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ ‘Three Weddings and … Funerals’
Teddy and Katty invited the guests to their wedding. The bride changed.
The Wizard Testingcheats was called immediately and he helped us.
Katty: ‘But I hate white! It makes me look fat!’
But something went wrong: the bride is in white, but the wedding is cancelled.
The wedding ceremony is set again. And…

Teddy decides to use a gadget he’s invented in his lab.
Katty: ‘No. No! No!!!
Katty: ‘You won’t always make me wear what you want, will you?’
Elder Wolff was passing by the Bears’ house.
Astra: ‘How are you, Elder?’
Elder: ‘Not too bad, Little Star. We’re searching.’
Astra: ‘Come by. My uncle is getting married today.’
Elder: ‘Great! Thank you.’
While the guests are coming, Lilly is helping Cassandra’s sons – Dorian and Matthew – with their homework.
Meanwhile her boyfriend Andy Cat is coming to Bears’ house. He seems to be in a very bad humour.
Andy: ‘I hate bears.’
Katty: ‘Why does he hate bears?’
Teddy: ‘He bears a loss. We tell him that we don’t bear a relationship to that, but he bears a grudge against us.’
Don Lothario is another man altogether – he’s always cheerful.
Kate Cat – the happy mother of the bride.
At this time…
Junior: ‘So, you have something against bears, don’t you?’

And they have some friendly chat.
Junior: ‘So. What do you think of bears?’
Andy: ‘I love bears.’ ❤
Mixologist: ‘That’s a pretty kettle of fish!’
Junior: ‘Watch out, wise guy. If you hurt my daughter, I’ll eat you up.’
Lilly: ‘What were you discussing with my dad?’
Andy: ‘Nothing. He just promised to eat me up.’
Lilly: ‘My daddy is so funny, isn’t he?’
Andy: ‘Oh, terribly.’
Waiting for the ceremony to begin, Elder is painting.
And Astra gets best friends with Dorian Goth.
Goldilocks is making a cake.

Here it is!
Time to begin.
‘Here comes the bride…’
Junior!!!Every time you’re taking a wedding photo, some bear spoils it!
How to tame a wild bear?

Just hold his hands gently – and he’s your pliable teddy bear.
How to curb a wild cat?

Just chuck her under the chin – and she’s your lovely purring kitty.

Katty: ‘Don’t you think Don is looking unwell?’

Teddy: ‘Don’t worry. He’ll outlive us.’
And Teddy goes to cut the wedding cake. Having cut a piece, he throws it.

And goes to poke at Kate with his fork.
Kate Cat: ‘Help! An ogre!’
Meantime, Don, having changed for some reason, goes upstairs. Where he becomes heartily sick.

😥 RIP Don. We won’t forget you.
Death: ‘Have you got any cake left?’
Katty: ‘Sorry. Just dirty dishes. Would you like to wash up?’
Death: ‘No, thanks.’

To be continued…


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