Where is Free? (G&B)

Junior and Elder are seeking out the missing children.
‘Yes?.. Where have you seen them?.. In Oasis Springs?.. Thank you.’
Everyone is being questioned.
Masha Ivanova (Dasha Lothario’s mother) tries to help.
Alla Fox: ‘I guess I’ve seen them in Magnolia Promenade.’
Junior: ‘Alexander, have you combed Magnolia Promenade yet?’
Alexander Goth: ‘Yes, Junior. The children aren’t there.’
Every street, every house is searched through.

Junior has even visited Animal Hats Society of the Town.

No traces whatever. 😦
One day, going home, Elder meets Sindy Glam.

‘Here he is – the Man of my Dreams,’ Sindy thinks.
and attacks Elder.
‘How dare you?’
‘You know, my son got missing. I had to leave my beloved wife to search all over Simland for him. How can you be so heartless?’

*Oh those innocent blue eyes*
The words loss, love are too complicated for the glamorous beauty’s brain. But she got one thing: ‘No. He isn’t the Man of my Dreams. I need someone richer and older. And without any children. I’m not going to share the inheritance.’
Elder comes to the Bears absolutely upset.
Andy Cat: ‘Come on! Those girls. Take no notice of them.’
Surfing the Internet, Elder managed to calm down. He got some messages giving him the hope to find Free.
Some news from the Goths:
Baby and Alexander Goth’s daughter Mary became a teenager. That’s what Mr Random chose for her as nightwear:

Sure! How can she sleep without such a hat!
We put a bear’s coat on her, though. Which made the famous stylist mad. He even threatened us to rip up the contract. (Frankly, I can’t remember signing any contract with him.)
And this is Alexander’s elder son’s family tree:

As you see Bella and Mortimer have quite many grandchildren. 😉

To be continued…


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