Three Weddings and … Funerals (part 2) (G&B)

Freddy Bear and Anna Fox’s date.
Freddy: ‘Will you marry me?’
Anna Fox: ‘Do I have any choice?’

Freddy: ‘No!!!’
Anna: ‘Is it a genuine diamond?’
Freddy: ‘Of course, my love.’

Anna: ‘Yee-haw!’
Freddy: ‘Would you like me to get you a star?’

Anna: ‘A star?’

‘Oh, you needn’t do that.’

‘I’d better get a llama fur coat. Faux fur of course.’
Anna: ‘Well… A llama fur coat… A simmousine… A villa on Simmary Islands…
Wait! There aren’t any cars or islands yet!
Ok, a cottage in Granite Falls is also not too bad.’
Freddy: ‘Aren’t I hastening to marry?’
And here comes the wedding. An ordinary wedding actually.
As usually, a beautiful bride.

As usually, a handsome bridegroom.

As usually, swearing solemnly, kisses, happy relatives and friends…

As usually, the cake is cut.

As usually, the piece of cake is thrown and the newlyweds poke at each other with empty forks…

No fights, no deaths. Boring!
Because of Teddy’s and Freddy’s weddings no one noticed how Lilly grew up. At first she was upset that she didn’t get a birthday cake.

But after Andy asked her out on a date, she forgets all the troubles.
But I’ll write about their date in the next part. 😉

To be continued…


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