Three Weddings and … Funerals (part 3) (G&B)

Andy and Lilly go out on a date.
Lilly’s bragging: ‘My dad has a good deal of money’.
Fox sisters, Jane and Maggie are listening carefully.
Karate kiss.
Malcolm Landgraab: ‘I bless your marriage, my children’.
Lilly: ‘Malcolm, could you step aside, please. We’re taking photos to save the memory of this moment’.
Malcolm: ‘But I also want… er… to leave memories of myself. Forever’.
Now they are at Bears’ house again. Malcolm’s also here.
The guests are invited to the wedding party.
Oh no! Not again! Lilly!
Lilly: ‘Why? It’s my little black dress.’

Andy cuts the cake and, according to the ancient Simlish traditions, throws a piece of it. Then the newlyweds solemnly poke at each other with empty forks.
Another ancient Simlish tradition:
Andy: ‘Down!’
Sindy Cat: ‘Ha! Cats never obey commands.’
Cats (from right to left: Tim Cat, Kitty Cat, Tom Cat) are adoring their rich relatives: ‘Om-some bears.’
Kate Cat, decided to thank the Bears by cleaning the floors in their gym.

Teddy: ‘ You needn’t do that Kate: the floors never get dirty in the Sims.’
Kate: ‘I’ve already realized that. But I can’t draw myself up.’
Look! What’s happening?
Ah, Malcolm! Now your memory will live forever. 😦
Death: ‘Watch out! Or you’ll be knocked out.’
Come now, Lilly! It’s all your “little black dress”!
Lilly: ‘But I didn’t want that.’ 😥
Andy: ‘Come on, sweet pea. It’s not your fault.’
After all these events I felt completely exhausted. And sent the Cats to the Foxes’ house by mistake. On their way, the Cats have lost the bride somewhere. Instead, Mommy Bear appeared on the lot somehow.

The rumpus that set off!
The Cats and The Foxes: ‘She’s mocking at us! It’s enough to try the patience of a saint!’
Tom Cat: ‘Kill Bill the simmer in the gym!’
Basil Fox: ‘Kill her in the toilet!’
Tim and Kitty Cat: ‘Kill her and have a party!’

Oh my!
Mommy Bear: ‘ Why’s my back so itchy? Am I going to get a hump? Or have I picked up fleas?’
In the end, Just Married are at home. And celebrate this event with fireworks.
Lilly: ‘Honey, I’ve got some great news for you.’
Andy: ‘Sorry, My Love, but I have to go to work. Promptly.’
Lilly: ‘But you’re jobless!’
Andy ‘Well I’m going to look for a job. Promptly.’
Here’s the ending of
‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ ‘Three Weddings and two Funerals’
The result:
The broken fridge, a puddle on the floor.

Alexander Goth, shuffling melancholically in a rubbish pile.

And the mixologist jammed in the door…

To be continued…


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