Emma Bear (G&B)

I’d like to tell you about Mommy Bear’s life when she was young. She was called Emma, not Mommy then.
She was a novice model of great promise. One day she was sent to Miss World competition as Miss Great Britain.

*The competition Miss World is organized by Zita1966z here.
Emma took part in make-up advertising,
helped stray animals,
showed off her talent
and even hosted an educational show on TV.
Emma participated quite well. She even got into the Top 10. But the other contestants were splendid.
And, though Emma was chosen Miss Congeniality, she didn’t win.
So, having put on a white bear coat, she strolled around the catwalk

and left modelling career forever.
Emma made for deep woods where she met her Bear – The Only One.
You know what happened next. If you don’t – go to the beginning of this story. πŸ™‚
Like all the bears she hardly took off her bear coat since then. Even on a hot day.
Her ex-colleagues were perplexed: What did she find in such way of life?
-Why quit such a great career and start working in a bar?
-Why hide such an awesome body under a baggy fur coat?
-Why have so many children?
-Why dig in mud – you can buy all the fruits and vegetables in a supermarket?
Mommy Bear (yes, she was called so now) just smiled and said nothing. She was sure that they would never understand – such life is real happiness.
She even managed to achieve her life aspiration.

To be continued…


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