The Girl Who Forced The Reaper To His Knees (G&B)

Here he came.
The Reaper.
He appeared in the garden. Sure! To reap the harvest.

And he put his hand to the plough immediately.

Well, Mommy Bear, at least you died being happy.

And despite your relatives being beside theirselves with grief

You’re glad to join your beloved hubby.
Having returned into the house, Astra attacked the Death:
-I hate you! You’ve taken my Grandpa! And Don! And Malcolm! And now my Granny! Beat it! Go while the going is good!
The Reaper tried to put himself right with Astra:
-Try to understand me – it’s my job. And the world can’t exist without death.
-Bla-bla-bla! Shall we thank you for your high-powered work?
-Don’t get me wrong, Astra. The population of Simland can’t go beyond the limit.
-Why not? The more, the funnier.
-The fact of the matter is that when the population of Simland comes up to a magic number 180, a dreadful monster called Culling comes to the world, – explained The Reaper. – You see, now you can mourn your grandparents’ death. Your grandpa comes to you from time to time. And when your granny adapts, she’ll definitely visits you.
But Culling completely deletes its preys. Nothing is left. Even the relatives’ memory is erased. And in the genealogy tree there are only some strange objects without any faces or a names. As if they have never lived. Culled.
-How horrid! – Astra exclaimed. – Guess what? I’ve got a dragon in my room. Let’s set him against the monster!
-Thanks for listening to me, Little Star. Since no one wants to talk with me because of my job.
-Never mind. When you want to chat, drop in. Just be careful with your scythe. πŸ˜‰
This moment of history will stay in the legends of Simland as The Girl Who Forced The Reaper To His Knees. Not with the anger. Not with the hatred. But only with her kindness.
Yes, she’s an extraordinary girl.
Elder Wolff came to visit the Bears again. He tried to get some information from a teddy but it was silent.
-You know, Astra, I sometimes think that I’ll never see my son alive.
-How can you say this, Elder?! You should never lose hope!
-You’re an amazing girl, Little Star. You sometimes sound much older than you are.
Astra herself understood that her childhood was over.
And here it is. Hello awkward age!

To be continued…

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