Is It Grim’s Fault? (G&B)

Some time later, returning from work, Goldilocks met Elder.
-What’s up, Elder?
-I’ve been to the library. I managed to hack into one kidnapping site. There’s a lot of information, useful for police, there. But nothing of Free-Jon and the children.
-It’s a great pity. But at least the other desperate parents will be able to find their children.
The next day Goldilocks received Elder’s invitation to his birthday party.
The Bears went to say happy birthday to him.
There were a lot of guests having fun.
Suddenly, he who comes uncalled appeared.
Dasha Lothario – a widow with five children – wasn’t glad to meet him.
-How dare you come here?! – growled Junior.

-Well… I’d like… err… a piece of cake – mumbled The Reaper.
Is there life after death?
Astra was glad to see her friend.

-How about a photo?
But Elder wasn’t going to welcome the uninvited visitor:
-What are you doing here?

-Won’t you offer me some cake?


-You! Murderer! You ask me for some cake?! After grabbing my son?!

-But I have nothing to do with your son’s disappearance. I swear it!

-Why should I believe you?
-I haven’t touched the children. Ask anyone, – Grim insisted and vanished into thin air.
The next day, Junior was taken aback by Elder’s strange request:
-I’d like to search for children in the cemetery. Will you help me?

-In the cemetery?!
After work Junior took Elder to Daddy Bear’s grave.

Darkness fell but Daddy didn’t turn up.


-My son, niece and… – Elder began.

-I know everything, – Daddy interrupted. – Junior told me.

-Let’s have dinner first, – the ghost suggested. – I’m hungry as a bear.
The Bears’ house was crowded as always.
-M-m-m! Delicious! Goldilocks now cooks as well as Mommy!
After dinner they went to the garden again. The dinner was really lovely, but it doesn’t make Elder happy.
-I don’t know what to think, – he exclaimed in despair. – What if Free-Jon is dead indeed?!
-Never think so. Grim didn’t lie to you. The children aren’t among the dead.
-But where are they? I’ve searched all over the Earth.
-All over the Earth? How about the space?

-The space?
The morning came. Having said goodbye, Daddy vanished.
And Elder went to the Bears’ lab. To study the maps of Galaxy.

To be continued…


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