Elder Goes to Space (G&B)

No sooner had Junior returned from work than something strange began.

Two Bears were abducted at once!
After some time, Teddy was brought back.
But Junior stayed up there a bit longer.
When Junior was thrown out of the flying saucer, his brother Freddy was thinking of some new jokes.
Freddy: ‘That awkward moment when your brother falls in the face of you.’

Tut-tut, Freddy! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? He’s your brother! And you’re giggling and tittering.
Junior: ‘Up there, I was told that they’re working on Get To University.

Freddy: ‘Maybe, they’re working on Get To Circus?’
Junior: ‘Who was up there – you or me?’
Junior called Elder to tell him some important news:
‘When we were abducted, I noticed some X-files there. I managed to steal confiscate them secretly.’
Junior: ‘Here’s the information I’ve found out.
The children got into some parallel Galaxy.’

‘Something got wrong and Free-Jon and Emelia aged rapidly.’

‘You should fly there urgently to save the children. Otherwise they can die of old age.’
*The screenshots are by whattheplum from these awesome stories:*
Log 5.35: Time/Space Oopsie
Log 5.36: Apocalypse Later
Stunned by the news, unconscious of whether to get happy or fall into despair, Elder went outside.
And met Lilly who was going to visit her parents.
Lilly: ‘What’s up, Elder? Any news?’
Elder: ‘Yes, your dad got some information.’

And he shared the news he got from Junior.
Lilly got excited: ‘It’s great that you know where the children are. When are you going to fly to them?’
Elder shook his head: ‘But I don’t have a spaceship.’
‘What’s the problem?’ – Lilly chuckled. – ‘Uncle Teddy has one.’
‘But will he lend it to me?’ – Elder was still doubting.

But Lilly was dragging him into the house: ‘Come on! And you’ll see that the bears are the best in the world!’
Teddy: ‘No problem. Of course I’ll give you the spaceship. Why haven’t you asked before?’

Elder: ‘But the spaceship is so expensive.’
Teddy: ‘Rubbish! Friendship is more valuable.’
Goldilocks: ‘Put on your warm clothes, Elder. It’s cold in space.’
Having changed his clothes, Elder says goodbye to Teddy.

Elder: ‘Thank you all for your help. The bears are the best in the world, indeed!’

The last cloud of the rocket vanished into thin air.
And the Bears kept a picture painted by Elder. To remember him by.

To be continued…


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