Grace Comes to the World (G&B)

Teddy keeps inventing useful gadgets.

-Thank you, Robby.
-How about a party?

-A pyjamas party?

-Let’s drink to science!

-Yes! To science and technology!


-I’m so flirty!
The party was a success.
And the next morning…
-Aaaa!!! An ankle biter!!!
Katty was also going to have fun at her friend’s birthday, but felt that her plans were changing.
Teddy takes his wife to hospital.
He is absolutely unworried.
Why, sure! Dr Goodwell is a great surgeon.

But Teddy lost his self-control in the clutch.

And as a true macho escaped to the gym.
As soon as he left, a beautiful girl came to the world. She got the name Grace.

Having got the glad news, Teddy runs to the operating room.

But it is too late. Grace disappears from the hospital…
…to appear at home, in strong but gentle hands of her uncle.
The next day Teddy is promoted.
-Mommy! Daddy! What a pity that you can’t witness our happiness.

To be continued…


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