Here Comes Mommy (G&B)

In the evening…
Mommy Bear: “Yes, it’s a nice place for the grave: the river, the flowers. The birds are singing.”
Junior: “Who’s there?”
Mommy Bear: “Haven’t you recognized me, Sonny?”
Junior: “Mommy!”
Having talked to her sons in the gym,

Mommy went to her daughters-in-law.

Mommy: “Mmm! Anna, it’s delicious! No worse than mine.”
She chatted with Astra

and met Grace.
Mommy washed up,

told Freddy about life up there

and, in the early morning when the bears went fishing, went back.
Goldilocks planted a new Cow.
The Cow grew

and got full-grown. 🙂
Mommy Bear needn’t worry – the garden is in safe hands and paws. 😉

Freddy is perfecting his comedian’s skill.

Even the Cow is listening spellbound.

But the most devoted listener is surely Mommy.
“Come on, Freddy!”
And the Life Goal is achieved.
Kit Cat – Lilly and Andy’s son – came to visit The Bears.

Goldilocks and Junior went to the park to play with their beloved grandson.

To be continued…


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