Junior – My Favourite Bear (G&B)

The Bears always keep fit.

Who called bears lumbering?

What a Hunny Bunny!
This fitness makes you so dirty!
The result of tenacious efforts:

Junior is always up to the mark.
He can mend everything

and paint a masterpiece.

Being on patrol, Junior saw someone harming Sasha Ivanov.

He tagged the offender.
Neither did he pass by a hooligan insulting a woman.

The penalized got angry and called the colonel’s mom llama.
Actually, Junior is a kind bear. But on Mommy’s behalf…
And here’s the top of career:

“Mommy, Daddy, you can be proud of me.”
The Bears went for a walk.

Junior, you should change your stylist!
Junior: “I’ve eaten up my stylist.”

To be continued…

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