And Again Granite Falls (G&B)

No sooner had the Bears arrived in Granite Falls than Astra got tigris. But, thanks to doctor mom, there’s always some magic medicine at home.
Some minutes later, Astra was chatting with Dorian.

Astra: “Do you know that bears can fly?”
Dorian: “Not really!”

Astra: “Exactly! But rather low.”
The Bears went fishing.

Junior caught some beautiful butterflies.
Goldilocks and Teddy were fishing till darkness fell.
And secret service woman Katty, having rubbed herself with anti-mosquito cream, went to explore the secret cave.

Secret agent 007! I wonder where she’s concealing the gun? :p
Anxious about his wife’s long absence, Teddy tagged after her.
But it was Junior, who met Olga, the hermit.

Goldilocks: “What are you doing?”
Junior: “We… Well, we were lying in the sun.”
Goldilocks: “At night?”
Goldilocks: “Then I’ll also lie in the sun.”
Junior: “But there isn’t any sun, Goldilocks!”

Goldilocks: “OK, I’ll lie in the moon.”
The Bears went fishing at the end of their vacation.
Time to say goodbye.
Goldilocks: “Come to visit us one day.”
Olga: “I will.”
Being happy about their promotion, The Bears didn’t want to take off their smart uniform. They were even fishing in it.
And they really loved fishing. Indeed, they could enjoy beautiful views and have some fish for dinner.

Freddy: “Do you think they’ll add synchronized fishing to the Olympic Games?”
Teddy: “I’m sure they will.”
But Katty and Teddy were not great at synchronized fishing. 😦

Big fish, small fish.

One day in Oasis Springs Junior found an abandoned mine.

Level 10 of handiness let him get into.

The family joined Junior in this marvellous place.

And here’s the achievement. Well done, Teddy!
But only after fishing in a shallow stream of Oasis Springs the collection was complete.

To be continued…


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