Beary News (G&B)

Teddy got promoted.
To celebrate that, they went out on a date with Katty.

While they were enjoying swimming,

they saw Dorian. He was out of sorts for some reason.
The Bears met a lot of friends in the park.

Anna’s motherย – Alice Fox – was going by.

Things didn’t seem to be going too well in her life.
Bears love honey. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Junior’s first working day as the chief of police.
In his office he saw some officers playing games on his computer.
“Who was sitting on my chair?!”
“It’s not my fault! It’s all because of her – on the other side of screen.”
“Oh, give me a break!”
“Stop feeding me beans!”
“Do you think I don’t know who is controlled with the plumbbob and who can do what they want?”
And he enlightened his subordinate.
“I’m sorry. But can’t you see? Your seat is taken again.”
“Don’t you know that Minecraft is banned by law in Simland?!”
Having banished the lazybones from his sight,
Junior got deep in thought: “What’s the use in the chief’s post if I can’t set tasks to my subordinates or even lock my office?” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Junior hanged his photo upon the office wall,

took a picture of his friend Alex

and as soon as he returned home,

And the prison got empty.
Junior chose a technician’s career. Goldilocks joined her husband. She also wasn’t satisfied with her post. She had to do all the job in hospital. And giving instructions to the inferiors was forbidden by labour union. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Have a look at their uniform.

What if I dared to come to work wearing such make-up!
Meanwhile Goldilocks maximized her gardening skill and reached another life goal.

Getting promotions, Goldilocks and Junior continue to set and achieve life goals.

The youngest brother is keeping pace with the others. Look! Level 9 of career!
Being enthusiastic, Freddy was determined to make some furniture. But instead of a nail, he hammered his finger into the wood. The words he uttered were censored by some bubbles.
Junior is really into painting.

He painted how he and Teddy were abducted.

It bears a lot of resemblance, doesn’t it?

To be continued…


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