Kids Grow Fast (G&B)

The Bears decided to visit Dasha Lothario and children.
They brought something someone.
Don Lothario: “I stayed too long in that vessel. Like some genie in the bottle.”
Here come the family.

A son and four daughters.

“Hi, Dad!”
Goldilocks: “Don, as a highly experienced doctor, I speak responsibly – computers harm your health.”
Don: “But I already died!”
Goldilocks: “You see, exactly!”
Goldilocks: “Let’s take a selfie instead!”
Junior: “And with me!”
Freddy: “And with me!”
Don: “???!”
Freddy (a humorist by trade and a pranker by vocation): “You really ought to watch over your seat, Don.”
Don: “Imagine! I was tricked like a little boy!”
Teddy: “Don’t worry, Don. We’d better take a selfie!”
Teddy: “Don, you have such a beautiful grass plot! How often do you mow grass?”
Don: “I’ve been mowing grass all day long.”
I like to move it move it!
Astra: “Don! Selfie-selfie-selfie!”
To remember. πŸ™‚

Everyone loves little Grace.
Her mom.

Her dad.

Her uncle Junior.

Her aunt Baby (visiting her brothers).
Aunt Anna, who doesn’t have her own children yet, loves to chat with her niece: “Hi! I’m Sister Fox. And who are you?”
Anna is a marvellous mixologist.

But her achievement went to Grace.
Astra made some porridge.

Yes! It’s porridge! A designer’s porridge.
And secret service woman Katty does exercises in disguising. It’s not difficult for her. Cats can hide very well.
Can you find aΒ  Katty?
Baby and one of her daughters come to the Bears.
Little Christie enjoys playing.
BabyΒ goes to her parents’ grave.
Btw, I love how sims treat their dead with respect. Here Amber Stein with Julie Goodwell decide (themselves!) to mourn for Daddy and Mommy.
The Bears also visit their relations from time to time.

The Goths family is big.

To be continued…


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