Cats and Foxes (G&B)

We leave the bears for a while to see what’s happening at the Cats and The Foxes‘.
Alice Fox and Bazil Fox (known in narrow circles as Don Basilio) with their kids came to their neighbours Cats. They knocked at the door and were let in, despite quite late hour.
In the kitchen, Jane met Tim. For some reason in underwear. (Really, why? Just three o’clock in the morning ) But it did not deter them from their torrid love affair (maybe even helped. )
Things moved rapidly. Soon the ring was on Jane’s finger. (Tim got spotted with emotion).
And while their relatives were chatting,

The young people got married promptly.
Later on it was proved that red and green spottiness is passed by kisses.
Some scientist was passing the house. He looked really blue.
Meanwhile, the lovers didn’t waste the time. πŸ˜‰
“You should take medicine, Honey.”
“You’re my best remedy.”

Yes, the good old WooHoo cures all diseases. All the spots have gone. πŸ˜‰
Happy Tim went outside.

And Jane – to count the stripes. πŸ˜‰
The solemn moment.
Jane couldn’t catch on Tim’s response.

As for sister Maggie, she was delighted to hear the news.
*Tim and Jane moved to their own house. They are said to have two sons now. We’ll check later whether that’s true.
Half of the Foxes are criminals. The other half are police officers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?
So, when clubs began to appear in Simland, Basil knew what club to organise.

Some Cats joined the club, too.
Don Corleone Basilio led his gang to the beautiful town Windenburg, which appeared recently nearby as though by the wave of a wand.
No sooner have they arrived, Kate Cat began to get points for the club.
The others went to the bar. Look who’s there!

Cathy Tea !
Elder also came there.

*This elderly girl mixologist truly moved me.
While MAFIA are having fun, let’s get back to our Bears.
Junior created a club as well. The name of the club is “MEDVEDI” – it’s “Bears” in Russian.

Watch how the Bears are having fun in their club.
Alice Fox invited Goldilocks to her birthday.
However, when she and Anna (born Fox) came, Alice wasn’t at home. Only Sindy Cat, happy about being invited to the gang, claimed MAFIA to be stronger than MEDVEDI.
All the guests, as well as the hosts, gathered in the bathroom for some reason. Maybe because it was the only place in the house where there was some furniture (the family was going to move to Windenburg).

Jane: “Dad, if you don’t stop your criminal activities, I’ll have to arrest you!”
Basil: “Basil Fox can’t be arrested!”
Alan: “Will you go against the family, Sis?!”

To be continued…


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