Cows Don’t Eat Ghosts. Do They? (G&B)

Baby and Olga (the hermit) came to visit The Bears.
Grace enjoys playing with them.
While Grace is playing, the adults are busy in the garden. From morning till night.

Grace would help, but she was told to be too small. 😦
And the plants appreciate the care.

And here’s the result!
Mommy Bear: “Well done, children!”
Mommy Bear pops in again.

She enjoys Freddy’s performance,

Talks about cooking with Anna.

And gets hungry.
And the cake looks so delicious!
“Cows don’t eat ghosts”, – Mommy thinks.
She’s wrong… 😦
The Cow choked on Mommy and spat her out.
Poor Mommy! She hates being so filthy!
Off to the shower!

Having had a shower, Mommy goes to the kitchen, where Goldilocks is cooking something yummy.

Goldilocks is fantastic at cooking.
Help yourselves!
And the level is maximized.

Let’s play the violin to celebrate!

Teddy is using the microscope to analyse samples of plants and crystals. He needed only two prints to complete the collection. Though he seems to have analysed all the samples.
Colleagues prompted the bear that he could take a sample of the Cow. But that is possible only after the cow has eaten someone.
Oh! If only we had known that before!
As the Cow has swallowed Mommy recently. And even earlier – Astra.
And Goldilocks.

But no one had thought of taking her sample then. 😦
What’s to be done with that?
And Teddy decides to sacrifice himself for the sake of science.
(having insured his life in SimSaveInsurance Ltd beforehand)

Despite the disgusting odour, Teddy takes the sample.

And hurries to the microscope.
But even this sacrifice didn’t help. The print he got had already been in the collection.
Teddy isn’t able to solve the puzzle.

To be continued…


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