Elder Comes Back (G&B)

Once the Bears heard some deep roar.

What is it?
Oh! Is it Elder? And who’s he with?
Free-Jon, Emelia! And… Amina? But she used to look different, didn’t she?

*This photo is by CathyTea from here.
Elder: “No, she’s not Amina. Junior, this is my wife – my beloved Cathy, Cathy Tea.”
Junior: “Nice to meet you, Cathy.”
Cathy: “Nice to meet you, too, Junior. El has told a lot about you. Thank you very much for everything!”
Elder: “We have already been at home. During the adventures Amina met her love and stayed with him. Free and Emelia got close friends. So we decided to adopt Emilie.”

*The Tea family andΒ Emelia are fromΒ CathyTea.
Right up to the morning the Bears family were listening to Free’s narrative with bated breath. He told how they got into a magic forest and became little bears. How they went through a mysterious door to some other world. How they suddenly got old.
Free: “You know, at first I was so excited that I needn’t go to school. But after I realised that I was going to die of old age, I got really scared. Fortunately dad saved us.”
Time to say goodbye.
Junior: “You can stay in our town, El. The house where you lived is still free.”
Elder: “Let’s wait and see! People here are very friendly. But we have so many friends and relations at home.”

*Here you can find the links to more stories of Elder and his family (written by different simmers).
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Teddy loves his job. He invents some gadgets.

And uses them to make the life easier.
Why search for identical crystals if you can just clone them?
Teddy is making serums.

And doing exercises. Bears love sport.
Testing the serums again.
On himself.

And on his fellows.

The old scientist: “Can I have a sip?”
And here comes Judgment Day.

“Mommy! Daddy! Here I am on the top of the career.”
“I’ll be back.”

To be continued…


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