Grace (G&B)

At home the Bears found Grace.

“How long were you going to keep the baby in the pram?”
(Btw, Grace’s outfit was made by Mr Random – this time I didn’t have to change anything. Well done Mr Random! You can when you want. 😉 )
Teddy: “You are so clever!”

Grace: “The very image of you, dad!”
And of mum!
Grace goes to do her homework. With the help of her dad. 🙂
Grace has luck with her relatives.
Mum and dad are reading books for her.
Granny and Granddad are playing chess.

And uncle Freddy is teaching her to play the piano.
Grace is a miracle herself.
And here’s the result.
Meanwhile uncle Junior maximized his painting skill.
Junior is painting.

Do you recognize the place?
He painted Chelsea, the cat.
And Granite Falls.
His pictures are great!

But to achieve the goal, he needs more masterpieces.
And Junior is doing his best.

The finishing touch and…

Well done, Junior!

To be continued…


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