Sixam (G&B)

Having left Goldilocks and Anna at the Foxes’, we join Teddy in the lab.
This person wants to change his image.

“Why aren’t you happy?”
Teddy’s sister, Baby (also a scientist) is having fun as well.
Then Teddy decides that it’s time to go to some other planet.
He remembers that it’s cold in space and puts his bear’s suit on.
“I’m the first bear on Sixam”, – Teddy thinks proudly.
“My name will go down in Simland’s history.”
Well. Teddy can’t be accused of being too shy. 😉
The bear goes to explore the planet.
How beautiful it is!

He’s collecting metals and minerals.

Collecting geodes.

Collecting sprouts and fruits of incredibly beautiful plants.

Collecting aliens in the holes.

*And when I, admiring the beauty of Sixam, left the bear alone, he would take a book out of his pocket and studied herbalism.
(Yes! He does have pockets in his fur coat!)

At home, having polished the geodes, Teddy gets a new collection:
Being happy, he takes a selfie with Daddy
and with Baby, who popped in.
Now, Teddy often takes his nearest and dearest to Sixam.
When some children came to Grace, he offered them an exciting excursion to the space.
Not everyone could join, but for Grace, Tim and Emily this journey became unforgettable.
While the adults are studying the planet, the children are chatting.
Grace: “I’m your aunt, Kit. Do you know that?”
Kit: “Hah! Aunt! I’m older than you!”
Grace: “Your mum Lilly is my cousin. So, I’m your aunt!”
“Why are these people so blue?”
“They must have eaten too much ice cream.”
They were chatting till Grace became Social Butterfly.
Teddy planted the fruits from Sixam in Bears’ garden.

By that time The Bears managed to get Death Flower.
They planted it, too.
Junior got some pears from a pear tree.
And then discovered elderberry among plants of Granite Falls.
And another collection is complete. 🙂
*I had to photoshop it a bit as it won’t fit into the screen

To be continued…


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