Beary Vendetta (G&B)

All the Bears are hardworking. And so is Astra.
At 5 AM she runs to work.

Then to school. After school – to the space.

And then she studies.

As even astronauts are not allowed to neglect their homework.
And in her free time he enjoys taking selfies with her nearest and dearest.

One day, examining the samples, Teddy noticed some strange light and went to explore it.

Teddy is a scientist. So despite being thrown out quite roughly after abduction, he was glad to get such experience.
But after impudent saucerers abducted the youngest – cheery fellow Freddy,

Teddy made up his mind to zap that.
Time to pay a visit.

The aliens were having a party, where Teddy was not expected.
Teddy took a microphone: “If you won’t stop your vile actions, you’ll regret that!”
But the extraterrestrials were just laughing.

They took him for a member of some Comedy Club.
“I’m not joking!” – the bear growled.
And proved that.
He unfroze one alien.

“Tell everyone: Never hurt my family!”
Having left a sculpture of Three Little Swans,

he returned home.

To be continued…

I made a video Beary Vendetta. But on YouTube Restricted Mode hides this video. I don’t understand – why? Restricted Mode is claimed to hide “videos that may contain inappropriate content”. But what is inappropriate in a fairy tale where cartoon bears freeze cartoon aliens with toy guns? Could anyone explain me what is wrong with it? I think that movies like Home Alone, The Simpsons, Tom and Jerry and even Frozen are much more violent. Am I wrong?



Your comments are very much appreciated :)

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