Beary Love (G&B)

The club is built and Freddy with Anna are to test it.
Anna attacks decisively.
Freddy: “Never do so!”

*He acted on his own initiative – my sims are sometimes beyond control.
Freddy: “Sorry, Honey. Just don’t wake a sleeping dog inside me – it doesn’t get enough sleep as it is.”
No sooner has the date begun than Freddy gets a present: Charisma level 10 Yes, Freddy is a charming bear.

And here’s the reward for the date:

Next date is on the same place.
By the way,
*When you need 2 silver and 3 gold medals to complete aspiration,
1. you needn’t wait till the date time is over – finish it when you see the medal you need on the time meter,
2. you needn’t return home after the date – you can fix the date on the same lot to avoid the loading screens, πŸ˜‰
The experienced gamers may say they alreay knew that. But maybe my advice can be useful for the beginners. πŸ™‚
Oops! We overdid it: we needn’t gold yet.

A photo was taken at the beginning of the next date.
But then things did not go their way.
Instead of flirting, kissing, hugging etc. – the tasks I set to get a medal asap and complete the date – the couple, having whispered to each other, directed their steps…

And here I’m told about Anna and Freddy’s first WooHoo.

I was about to giggle over the joke of the game – Fred and Anna have been married for ages, Freddy’s going to be an adult soon. And – first WooHoo. But after I thought about it, the smile was wiped off my face.
The point is that I’m a dictator in my game. And my sims follow my strict rules. And according to these rules – no WooHoo before marriage (that’s why my teenagers never “play” in bed). And after marriage I prefer to send them try for a baby “not to waste time” just on some WooHoo. But there are 8 residents in the house already, so Ann and Fred can’t have babies yet (at least until they move). That’s why Freddy is the most innocent bear in the Simworld! Oh, my poor animal!
The satisfied couple left the bush.

Some lady was watching them all the time.
I set a lot of tasks again.
But they…

They took to it!

The crowd was triumphing.
And the suspicious lady was still there.
“Is this paparazzo still here?”

“There aren’t any paparazzi in the fourth Simland yet.”

“Yes, there are! Look!”
Tired but happy “just married” were lying on the grass (and again – it was their own decision – they got out of hand totally! )

Freddy: “Can you see the Hunting Dogs constellation?”
Anna: “No. Some ant has been biting me.” 😦
And here’s the medal
Next date was set immediately.

Some friends were made at the same time. One of them – famous Paolo (from Get Together trailer).
Here’s a medal.
And another one!
And the last one!
It was early morning when my “Twix”, holding their hands like primary school children, went…

Can you guess where?
Yes, of course!
Anna hesitated: “Maybe it’s enough for today?”
“Come on!” – Freddy insisted.
“Freddy you’re a lion!”
“I know that.”
And the aspiration is completed.

Yes, they are real soulmates, who will overcome all obstacles and break the shackles of the rules, set by a ruthless tyrant simmer, for the sake of their love!

To be continued…


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