Bears Lair (G&B)

The Bears go to Bears Lair – the new club they’ve been testing before.

*MEDVEDI is BEARS in Russian.
Freddy puts on a performance. He’s got his first fans.

Heated by Freddy’s jokes, Amber went swimming. But she didn’t dare to swim naked – some bear was watching her in the bushes.
Grace is a marvellous girl.
She’s hardly seen from behind the piano. But she already has her own admirers.
However, some of them look suspicious.

Hey man! You’d better change your outfit! You aren’t on the beach.
The Bears went to the bar.
“Look who’s there! Hi Cathy!”
Then they went to a secret room, where only members of “MEDVEDI” club were able to improve their dancing and DJ skills.

Freddy: “Sorry dear. You are not allowed there.” 😦
The club outfit of “MEDVEDI” is bears costume of course – the girls traditionally wear white (like Mommy Bear).
And the boys wear either brown (Like Daddy Bear) or panda’s fur coat (like Junior). I expected Teddy to be a brown bear and Junior and Freddy – pandas. But Mr Random thought different. He knows I can’t do anything about that!
Mr Random had mercy on us and gave everyone their own fur coat!
Happy Bears dance.

Junior: “Thank you, Mr Random, for returning us our own coats!”
Mr Random: “It is premature to celebrate.”

Bears often go to the club.

They can play there.

They can swim there.

They can work out. Bears love sport!
They can even fly!
And of course they can dance!

*In the beginning, children – Grace and Kit Cat (Goldilocks and Junior’s grandson) – were invited to the club. But as it turned out, children can’t join group dance. What a pity!
So, children were replaced by someone older.

Katty: “Ouch! My old bones!”
Junior: “What a sabotage?!”
“Are you against “MEDVEDI” club?!”

A public opinion poll was held: “What do you think of “MEDVEDI” club?”
Baby Goth:
Teddy Bear:
Mary Goth:
Freddy Bear:
Katty Bear:
Astra Bear:
Masha Goldilocks:
And what does Junior think?
Junior Bear:
Who’s voting for “MEDVEDI” club?
Bears: “ME!!!”
Partied out.
And here’s the award.

You can watch the Bears having fun in their club here.

To be continued…


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