Clubbing (G&B)

Not only can Bears relax. They can work away hour after hour, too.
They’ve improved all the equipment in the club.
Look at Junior working despite being the king.
I don’t know why, but the boys tend to hang out at the ladies’ bathroom.
Whereas girls keep gathering at gentlemen’s.
The mixologist looks blue.
Anna: “Have a rest, dear. I’ll cope with it.”

“Pink elephants…”

“White elephants…”

“Where have all the elephants gone?”
“If I were you, I wouldn’t drink so much.”

“What?! Don’t wake a sleeping dragon inside me!”
“I’m going to blow up. Hiccup!”
“Didn’t I warn you?”

“Anyway, I’d better stop drinking.”
And the mixology skill is mastered.

Isn’t she great?
Another DJ booth was set in the club so that not only bears could dance.
And the fun began!
Goldilocks met Jade, who appeared to be the leader of Partihouse.
Goldilocks joined the club.

She challenged Jade to a dancing duel.

And then made her a suggestion that couldn’t be declined. 😉

Dancing queen.
And Goldilocks is the leader of the pack!
The King and the Queen.

To be continued…


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