Grace Aged Up (G&B)

And again the Bears went on vacation to Granite Falls.
What a beauty is our forestry officer!
Yuri Ivanov joined the Bears. And made friends with Grace. πŸ™‚

Junior lit a fire. The food with smoke is much tastier than homemade. πŸ˜‰
Olga, the hermit, dropped in on the chance. She was tired and hungry.
Junior offered her to have a rest and cooked some fresh bugs for her.
Olga: “Thank you! You didn’t let me die of hunger.”
Grace: “Uncle Junior never lets you die.”
Back at home.
Dasha Lothario was jogging past. How time does fly in Simland! Dasha’s hair got grey. 😦
Look! Grace has completed all the kids aspirations!
Time to blow out candles.
Here she is! Mum’s daughter!

Grace got a message from Free. What a nice gesture!

To be continued…


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