1 Beary Hills (G&B)

The new Bears’ house is ready in the end. Two clubs came to the housewarming.

The guests enjoy dancing on the balcony. They love the view: “Real Beary Hills.”
The Bears’ photos are on the walls.
The guard’s in the treasure room.
Wait! Who’s playing games in our treasure room? We haven’t invited him!

What is the security doing?! Standing here like lifeless!
Daddy Bear: “Congratulations on the new house!”
Teddy: “And now Freddy will sing a housewarming song.”

Astra: “Wait! I have to upgrade the warming first!”
Look! What’s Junior doing?
Junior: “Grace, don’t think of anything bad! We’re just working out.”

Grace: “Yes, I see.”
Someone’s dancing, someone’s playing computer games, someone’s scrutinizing her crown in the mirror…
Grace can’t live without her i-phone: “Yes, Yuri. The house is ready. I’ll send you pix.”

Oh those kids! They use their gadgets everywhere! What about people needing a bathroom right now?

Someone got to the bathroom too late. 😦
Having built their mansion, the Bears got more achievements:

Well, not the most difficult – considering that in the beginning Daddy and Mommy often used to take out gift loan in Motherlode Bank.
Though, it’s a nice bonus. 🙂
The Bears have been to Sixam several times.
Teddy brought Zombie Carl – the last of My Sims – from there.
The collection of metals was completed.
Generous colleagues helped with the crystals.
Thanks to genetic experiments, the Bears got all the frogs.

That’s how the Bears got their new collections.

Not only has Grace become a musical master, she’s also teaching Astra to play the piano.
Katty, Grace’s mother, manages to find time for house chores and for hobbies as well.

And when she has some free time, Katty hurries to the graveyard to mourn Daddy and Mommy. Despite hardly knowing them. Katty’s a very kind girl.
Anna, the Fox, is hardworking as well. Look at her digging in the garden. (Yes, in her evening dress. Why?)
She’s also keeping her figure.

But the Bears can not only work hard. They can relax as well.

There are a lot of wardrobes in the mansion. They all need testing. So the Bears test them thoroughly.

The wardrobe in the Blue Bedroom is being tested very industriously. It must be especially suspicious.

Daddy Bear: “That’s a fine kettle of fish!”

You can watch my Bears in their new house here.

To be continued…


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