Spin Masters (G&B)

Once in Windenburg, Junior got to Discotheque Pan Europa, where club “Spin Masters” hang out. Junior met Dominic Fyres – the leader of the club.

At home Junior told his family about that.
Katty, who is secretly dreaming of getting a DJ, wants to join the club. But it’s not so easy.
Katty submits an application and waits for the answer with patience, levelling up DJ skill (Dancing skill is already maximised by all the Bears.)
She gets a message at last:
Despite having a hard working day at secret service, Katty hurries to the club, without even changing her clothes.
Katty easily made friends with Dominic and the other club members. She impressed everyone with her DJ skills. And her dancing was magnificent.

Sure, she was accepted to the “Spin Masters”
And then, as usually – dance battle. And after the victory – dropping a gentle hint about changing the leader of the club.

Dominic (brushing away a single tear): “I knew it! I felt there was a catch in it!” 😥

Katty: “Don’t cry, Dominic! It’s not the end of the world!”
Katty invites to the club her friend Katerina Lothario and her father Tom Cat, who also loves hanging out together.
(Shall I mention that she completes her aspiration Leader of the Pack?
To lift Dominic’s spirits, Katty invites the club to the Bear’s mansion, where she maximises her DJ skill.

Then she gives her Dad a relaxing massage.
Meanwhile Goldilocks becomes a prolific author. Now she can write books that truly bring sims to life.

By the way, have you read her autobiography “My life among Bears”? No? Shame on you! It’s a bestseller!
 * * * * * * * * * * *
It turned out that Goldilocks and Junior aren’t Soulmates yet. This is no good! Time for some dates.
Why go out for a date when we own a luxury mansion?

A date in the living room.
A date in the sauna.
(Here comes Grace with her achievements: Friend of the World Aspiration and Charisma level 10)

A date in the bedroom.
In the living room again.
On the balcony.
And here’s the result – Soulmates!

Freddy returned from work. Promoted! The top of the career! Well done!

To be continued…


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