Unearthly Love (G&B)

Teddy decided to create his own club called “Mad Scientist”. His sister Baby Goth was the first to be invited to the club.
The next meeting is held at the Goths’.
The Goths don’t seem to be happy.

Well, gloom is typical for the Goths.
Alexis is the only one who looks cheerful. Sure! Bears can’t be gloomy.
Antony hurries to the café where he works in the early mornings. Alexander, despite feeling a bit under the weather, also leaves for work.

Only Gregory is wondering what these strange people are doing in their house.
Time to say Happy Birthday to Michael and Alexis.

Christie also came to blow up candles.

And so did Casper Landgraab. His father Malcolm died of old age. And so did his mother Cassandra. He’d better grow up to avoid being sent to a boarding school.

Casper sent a message to Cassandra: “Mom, I’ve grown up. 🙂 ”
Some time later he got the answer: “The subscriber you are trying to reach is out of coverage area.”
Here they are. The beauties.

and Alexis.
Immediately after their birthday the wicked witch simmer put white fur coats on them. For the rest of their lives. 😦
Antony returned from work.
“Aren’t you going to be late for school?” – his sisters asked.
“I’m fed up with school,” – Antony said and went to make a birthday wish.
“I wish to meet an unearthly love.”

And his dream comes true.

Here she is – unearthly beauty. Aellitta.

The guests are gathering to the marriage.
The Goths got a message from Grim. He promised to come for Alexander soon.
Elder is making drinks. He’s a brilliant mixologist.
Goldilocks makes a cake.
Freddy is entertaining the guests with music.

But Bears’ weddings are rarely without any “adventures”. And Antony is half Goth and half Bear.

No sooner have the bride and the groom approached the wedding arch, than Freddy leaves the piano,
turns his back to everyone
and, having taken a guitar out of his pocket, starts strumming on it.

The guests are wandering here and there without paying any attention to the groom and the bride and sometimes even going through them.
Despite everything, Andy and Aellitta get married.

No one noticed Antony’s absence.
The guests are eating.

Alexis is asking Casper whether he’s going to join the army.
Casper: “I would, but there isn’t any army in Simland.”
And the young wife is laughing out loudly at her mother-in-law’s jokes.

No one cares about the abduction. It must be just some alien wedding tradition.
Some time later Antony returns.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad that I have so many brothers and sisters.”
I made a video showing what happened during the wedding.
It’s the first time I’ve uploaded a video in such way. It isn’t edited at all. Just some episodes from the game. It is a “documentary” in a way.
Antony isn’t the Goth’s heir (her elder brother Gregory is). Moreover, there isn’t any place in the Goth’s house. So, Antony joins Aellitta’s friends. And they all land somewhere in Newcrest.

Sima Sim: “I’m not going to stay here. I’m going back to Sixam.”

And the newlyweds stay alone in the middle of an empty lot, which is going to be their new home.

To be continued…

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